Stress Relief

Kasper huffed for the third time from the hallway. "Tell me again why you had to wait until Christmas Eve to wrap the presents?"

"Because," Logan snapped as he struggled with the oddly shaped package. "Adam has been working me like crazy on the new account, there were three—THREE, Kas—Christmas parties we attended, our party tomorrow night to prepare for, and, oh yeah, the two club parties we scened at. It's been a busy fucking month, so shut your mouth or I won't give you the spanking you're desperate for when I'm done!"

It had been a crazy month, Logan reflected. He'd never imaged that merging his life with Kasper's would lead to endless social engagements. Logan wasn't used to that. He was tired, frustrated, and, dammit, wrapping Kasper's gifts should have been more enjoyable! Instead, they'd been arguing for the last hour, Kasper wanting some intimacy and Logan needing to wrap the presents. It was beyond frustrating; it was flat-out pissing him off.

"I'm sorry, Logan," Kasper muttered.

Great. Now Logan felt like a complete asshole. He could here the sincerity in Kasper's voice. Kasper hadn't meant to argue with him, he knew that. Still... Logan put the final bow on the last gift and set it aside. He could wake up early and take them down to the tree. Right now, he needed Kasper, and Kasper needed him. He stood up, stretched, and went to their bedroom door, yanking it open. Kasper stood there, his shoulders a bit slumped, and refused to meet his eyes.

Christmas Eve was not the time to see Kasper so defeated, and Logan let out a slow, calming breath. "Come on," he said, grasping Kasper's hand. "I'm done. Let's go to bed."

They were both already dressed for bed in pajama bottoms, but as Kasper moved quietly to his side of the bed, Logan shook his head. He really needed to make up for his own lack of planning and foisting that blame onto Kasper. "Take off your bottoms," Logan ordered. Kasper looked him, unsure. "I said, I want you naked. Now."

Kasper hesitated only a moment longer, and then he untied the drawstring of his bottoms and let the cotton pool on the floor. Logan's eyes devoured the sight. It didn't matter that they were both a few years older than when they'd first met. Kasper was still tall, trim, and golden. It wasn't vanity that kept them exercising three times a week, but a desire to remain fit for their more adventurous activities.

Nothing adventurous about what Logan had planned for the moment, but what they would do would satisfy them both. Logan slipped out of his bottoms as well and sat at the foot of the bed. He made himself comfortable, and then patted his lap. His cock was already filling, and he smirked to see Kasper's was hard as a fucking rock. "You know the drill. I think twenty-five tonight, in honor of Christmas. Count them off, and don't disappoint me."

Kasper lay across Logan's lap, his cock positioned perfectly between Logan's slightly parted thighs. Just the heat and weight of Kasper made Logan's body ache, but they had more pressing business before his hard-on would be seen to. Logan smoothed his hand over Kasper's pert, upturned ass the moment Kasper had extended his arms and clasped his hands. Positioned just right, Logan knew he could actually spank Kasper until the man came, but that wasn't his plan. Twenty-five smacks, and that was it.

Logan drew his hand back and it landed with a firm, loud smack. Kasper obediently counted the blow after a brief moan. One after another, Logan peppered hard, sure smacks to Kasper's ass, watching the skin turn a rosy pink, and then a bright, hot red. That was the most arousing part of this, Logan thought. Not just Kasper's moans and cries, the struggling, the squirming, the breathless numbers that passed Kasper's lips. What turned Logan on the most was watching the skin under his hand heat and color. It made him think about sliding his cock along the burning cheeks and coming all over them.

As he made the final strike, Logan knew that was exactly what he was going to do. He was achingly hard just staring at the crimson flesh. Kasper was trembling over his lap, moaning softly, and Logan scratched his nails lightly over a buttock. Kasper bucked and cried out, the sound rough and desperate. Perfect.

"Up," Logan ordered. Kasper weakly got to his feet, and there were tears on his cheeks. "Wipe your face. Put a rubber on your cock and lay face down on the bed."

"What?" Kasper asked, his brow furrowed.

Logan lashed out, landing a sharp, hard strike to Kasper's ass. Kasper yelped and shuddered. "You heard me. If you ask me again to repeat myself, I'll tie you to the guest bed and leave you wanting until our guests arrive tomorrow."

Kasper actually whimpered. Logan stood as Kasper did as instructed, sliding a condom over his cock and lying face down on the bed. The two scenes they'd done in public hadn't had the same fulfillment this one, small moment would for them both. Logan grabbed their favorite lube and squirted some into his hand, slicking his cock, and then crawled onto the bed. He took the lube and dribbled it along the crack of Kasper's ass, grinning as Kasper shivered.

"I'm not going to fuck you. I don't want that. I want to feel your burning ass hug my cock. I want to come all over your red cheeks, and I don't want you making a mess out of the bed." Logan braced himself over Kasper's body and slid his cock along the slippery crease. A low, long groan filled his throat. "And since you didn't miss a single count, I'll let you come if you can while I hump your ass."

Kasper's hand clenched in the pillows as he arched up against Logan. "I can?"

Logan dipped down and nibbled at a shoulder. "If you can, by all mean, fill that rubber."

The rhythm Logan offered was slow, even if he knew they'd both come quickly. It was more than the physical release. This was going to be the emotional release of stress the holidays had put on them. Logan made sure to press down, rock firmly against Kasper so that his lover would have as much stimulation as he did. Then, Logan closed his eyes and let his body go. He thrust and rocked, bit and sucked at Kasper's shoulders. The pleasure built inside him, made his extremities tingle as climax neared. He imagined the feel of Kasper over his lap, desperate and hard. The feel of those hot, sore butt cheeks rubbing along him, drawing plaintive whines from Kasper with each thrust, just fed the fire inside him. They had come so far in a few short years, able to enjoy the simple pains and pleasures alongside the more extravagant, and Logan took this time to rejoice in it.

Kasper shuddered beneath him, crying out into the pillow. The muffled shout was followed by the rhythmic tensing of that blistered ass, and Logan knew Kasper was coming. He snapped his hips forward faster, a little harder, and then his back bowed and he grunted. It took all he had in him to right his head and look down, his cock thrusting unevenly along the line of Kasper's buttocks. His come was smeared along Kasper's lower back, and strands of the fluid clung to the round, red cheeks. Logan groaned, closing his eyes again, but the vision was burned into his mind.

"Fuck," he panted, shaking his head. He lingered there for a moment, and then rolled off the bed. His legs were like noodles, but he somehow made it to the master bath. He used a cool, wet washcloth to clean himself, and then returned to Kasper's side. He gently cleaned his lover up, his free hand rubbing up and down Kasper's back. "You okay?" Logan asked as Kasper hissed at the rough touch of the washcloth.

"I'm fucking fantastic," Kasper murmured into the pillow. He turned his head, and Logan was graced with Kasper's flushed, damp, beautiful face. "You knew just what we needed."

"Don't I always?" Logan grabbed the numbing lotion he kept in the bedside drawer and smoothed it into Kasper's ass. They had an early morning, and he didn't want the throbbing sting to keep Kasper up. "We'll do something a little more rough and thorough after the new year, I promise."

Kasper hummed, eyes closed. "This was perfect, Logan. Just perfect."

Logan brushed back Kasper's hair and kissed him softly. "Yeah," he breathed. "It was."

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