Light and Dark

The purple horizon was dotted with orange-pink clouds, full and soft like cotton. The wind was gentle, bringing with it the scent of twilight and rain. In the dying light of the day, he turned the crystal prism over in his hands as he became lost in the myriad of shimmering facets, each a new world to his piercing eyes.

The sun sank completely below the roaring sea, plunging day into night in a brilliance of light and dark. The prism caught each lasting ray of day and reflected it rising moon. In a haze of moonlight, his vision was blurred, the prism lost to his sight.

"You are here."

He turned around and smiled at the new arrival. Hair as white as the stars, as soft as spider's silk, and long enough to drag the ground floated around a tall, lean body. The darkling's eyes flashed as he took in the silverling's nude form, his body reacting immediately to its mate's proximity. He held out the prism. "For you, my love," he whispered as the star-washed nymph reached out to his hand.

He turned the prism about in his hands, the captured rays of sunlight glowing deep within it. Shining pewter eyes, slit with night and sparkling with stars, gazed at the dark one, a hungry smile spreading over his full lips. "My Night," the nude moonbeam breathed, leaning in close to Darkness.

"My Light," Darkness replied as their lips met, flooding his senses with the coolness of Moonlight.

Moonlight caressed Darkness, stroking his tongue and lips almost desperately, and moaned into the yawning mouth of his lover as Darkness' arms wrapped him in a tight embrace. Day separated them, yes, but Night was their sanctuary, their playground, and as Darkness bore Moonlight to the ground, the prism tumbled from Moonlight's grasp.

As they coupled, the last captured fragments of Day sputtered within the recesses of the prism -- sputtered, and then died under the weight of Night.

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