Impossible Hunger

He walked the streets of Rome, his sandaled feet making no sound in the loose gravel that covered the dusty earth. His eyes shifted from one passer-by to another, gauging their very being with one glance.

He hunted; he hungered.


The gently whispered word, carried on the light breeze, caressed his ears and called to his inner nature. He turned, glancing around the square for who had whispered his true name. Near the great fountain, where maids now bathed, he saw the brilliant copper head and the shocking green eyes that watched him.

"Trela," he replied, casting the word on the wind, wrapping the one word around the redhead's body like a lover's touch. He watched Trela shudder, his eyes grow darker, and his lips part. Yes, a lover's touch...

As he approached the fountain, he saw the burning in Trela's eyes, his need and his desire. "I hunger," the redhead murmured as Pleonexia drew him into his arms, ignoring the giggling maids splashing in the water beside them.

"Hunger?" Pleonexia asked, his eyes lighting up from within. "I will tell you what hunger is. It is the empty blackness of our very souls, the unending ache begging to be filled. No amount of writhing, silken bodies will sate that desire; no amount of roasted beast will feed that hunger; no amount of rich, sweet wine will slake that thirst." Each word was spoken softly against Trela's damp lips, a tease of feather-light touch.

"I know our hunger," Trela said before he snaked his tongue out and lapped at Pleonexia's thin lips.

Pleonexia grinned evilly. "Then you know I offer you no means to assuage that hunger even in the slightest."

The green-eyed muse returned the wicked grin with a grin of his own, a touch of madness in the expression. "Let us find a mortal to play with, to help ease our pains."

"Nothing will ease our pains, Trela." Pleonexia bent his head, capturing Trela's eager mouth with his own. The kiss was long, hard, and desperate, teeth gnashing at tender skin and soothed by wet, slippery tongues. When they broke apart, it was with a gasp of surprise and arousal. "But a little fun can distract us from it," he panted, taking Trela's hand in his own. "Let us hunt, brother."

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