Goddess Mine

There were times when she couldn't believe this was true. Many times, in fact. She tended to run with the situation, not analyze it. Still, on nights like these, when she watched Sarah practice at the barre in their room, Kayla realize that she lived in the shadow of some great goddess. Never would she be as graceful and beautiful as Sarah. Plain and tall? Not bloody likely.

They had met during rehearsals months ago, though it seemed like a lifetime to Kayla. Fine golden hair and bright, open blue eyes drew Kayla in. Yes, Sarah was tall, taller than most dancers, but she wasn't awkward in the height. Her long arms and legs moved with such fluidity that Kayla often found herself burning with intense envy for in those beginning days.

But now... Now she watched and appreciated. Sarah was a myth. A legend. Something to be worshipped from afar.

Kayla's eyes followed each of Sarah's warm up exercises, traveled up the long curve of the dancer's leg. That leg was made even longer, more lovely, by the pointe shoes she wore. Yes, the shoes were worn, tattered, but even old, ugly shoes were made glorious because Sarah wore them.

"Are you going to watch me all night?" Sarah asked with a quiet chuckle, her voice like the whisper of falling silk.

"Are you going to dance all night?" was Kayla's response, her own voice a little harsher, not as refined. Everything about her was less refined when compared to Sarah's perfection.

Sarah turned, walked toward the bed. The moonlight struck the woman's nude body, making pale skin creamy, turning alabaster into glowing, moving art. Kayla couldn't think of anything more stunning than Sarah naked in her pointes, which was why Sarah often practiced nude. "Perhaps you would like to dance with me?" Sarah murmured, closing in on Kayla where she reclined on the bed.

Kayla smirked. "Whatever you like, sweet goddess. Whatever you like."

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