A Good Life

"No," Kasper said, grabbing the rubber spatula from Logan. "I said to fold the egg whites in, not beat them into submission."

Logan laughed, nudging Kasper with his hip. "It's you I need to beat into submission."

Kasper glared at him. The last thing they needed was a rough fuck in the kitchen while trying to bake the macaroons for Adam's Christmas party. "Funny. Fold in the egg whites."

"Bossy, bossy," Logan muttered, and he took the spatula back, focusing on the bowl of cookie dough.

Kasper leaned against the counter and sipped his wine, watching Logan. It was their third Christmas together. Their third time attending Adam's Christmas party. Three years together after that rough start, and now he couldn't think of anything he'd rather have. His eyes narrowed. Except maybe for Logan to be a little more proficient in folding. "Go in the living room and pack up the gifts," he said, setting his wine glass aside. "I'll fold the egg whites and make the cookies." It was just easier.

Logan gleefully handed the spatula over, giving Kasper a brief kiss on the lips. "Sorry, you know I suck at this shit."

Kasper smiled. "I know that you'd like me to think you suck at this shit."

"Aw, you've discovered my secret?"

"I have. Next year, you're making the cookies."

Logan laughed again, shaking his head. "We'll see about that."

Kasper's eyes followed Logan as the man left the kitchen and fell back onto the sofa, picking up various brightly wrapped packages. He couldn't help but smile. He began to fold in the egg whites, humming 'Jingle Bells' as he went.

It was a good life, he decided, even if his husband couldn't bake to save their asses.

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