Piercing Cold

Characters: Nahele, Keegan
Origin: World of Egaea (WIP)
Advent Day: Day 26 (December 22nd)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3,793


Nahele huffed as he waited. He had set everything up to his liking. He had stoked the fire so his den was filled with a cheerful warmth, set out beeswax candles to lend a sensual glow he knew would look good on his spotted fur, even spread out the furs and pillows of his nest-like bed with the oil in a bowl within reach. It was perfect but for one thing: Keegan hadn't returned from the den housing Bleidd and Terrill. He had known his lover would be visiting his fellow Maith tonight, but by all the gods, he'd have sworn Keegan would have returned. Hadn't his hints of a pleasant night worth remembering been enough? He didn't want to feel jealous of Bleidd and Terrill—not at this time of year, not tonight—but his tail began to thump against the bed as he wondered if Keegan would appear through the heavy flaps at the entrance of his den.

Just as he was about to give up, chalk the night up as a disappointing loss, the flaps over the door to his den parted and Keegan stepped through. Nahele's breath caught as he took in the sight of his Maithean lover. Keegan was all darkness and fallen snow. Ink black hair, pitch eyes, and alabaster flesh. Slight in height, lithe in frame, Keegan was the epitome of an elegant diplomat. His black trousers and blood red tunic only accentuated the paleness of his skin, and Nahele's tail began to swish with anticipation.

"Sorry," Keegan murmured, stepping into the main area of the den. His dark eyes swept the simple room, a small smile tugging at his sensuous lips. "This is... unexpected."

"For a diplomat, you seem oblivious to subtlety," Nahele chuckled, rising from the nest of furs and pillows.

Keegan's eyes slowly focused on Nahele. "I didn't miss your hints, but I had promised time to Terrill before you intimated there was something of interest for me here tonight."

Nahele laughed. "Well, it's good to know where I stand on the priority list of your affections. Maybe after tonight, I'll move up a notch or two."

"I don't know," Keegan teased, picking up on Nahele's tone. "It would take something pretty spectacular to push you up to the same level as Terrill."

Nahele growled softly, even though the teasing didn't truly bother him. He knew his role, knew that Terrill was Keegan's closest friend and that he was just Keegan's lover. He liked their arrangement, and he doubted they would have something too terribly lasting with Keegan bound to go back to Tira or Stoyrm with the rest of the Maith when their tasks were complete. Even knowing all he did, he couldn't help but play into their familiar game of dominance. He stalked toward Keegan. "You don't know what I have planned."

Keegan's eyes widened, but they still sparkled with mirth in the candlelight as he slid away from the entrance, circling backward away from Nahele. He wasn't sure if Keegan knew how intoxicating it was when they circled one another like this, hinting at the hunt, the chase that made his feral spirit perk and push toward the surface. "Maybe I don't care to find out what you have planned," Keegan huffed, but he was almost in position, almost just where Nahele wanted him.

The moment Keegan rolled his eyes in exaggerated boredom, Nahele sprang forward, pouncing Keegan back onto his bed. The Maith's yelp and laugh made his heart race, and he pinned Keegan down, his tail swishing and flicking triumphantly as he dug his claws into the furs beneath them. "You want to know," Nahele purred, his words trilling with the feline sound as he smirked. "You always want to know anything that involves this." He emphasized the word by grinding his half-erect cock down against the seat of Keegan's black trousers.

Keegan groaned and the tension in his hips told Nahele just how hard he was trying not to arch up into him. Keegan's lips tried to form words, and he loved how difficult it seemed. "You're... getting pale fur all over my leggings."

"It won't matter if I end up ripping them off," Nahele chuckled.

Keegan gave him his best glare, but the scent of arousal that permeated the room sort of reduced the effect. "These are very good leggings. You will not be ripping them off. I don't go about ripping your clothing off."

Nahele rubbed himself against Keegan with a grin. "I don't wear clothing."

A moan lilted up from Keegan, his eyes closing. "I know."

"So, you don't want me to rip these off? Rub my cock against you? Suck you?" Keegan shifted under him, and Nahele loved how hard his lover was for him. He didn't know if Keegan was wanton for everyone he took to bed, but he liked to think he was special in that sense. "Or would you rather return to your den and handle this yourself?"

Keegan's eyes snapped open, a defiant light in them. "Rip them off."

"I knew you'd see reason," Nahele said, smirking as he pulled back just enough to set his claws against Keegan's leggings. Clenching his fingers, he yanked, and the tearing of the cloth as he shredded the seat of Keegan's pants sent a thrill through his feline spirit. He was careful not to scratch Keegan in the process, but that didn't stop Keegan from gasping at the roughness and what must have been a unique way of getting undressed for the Maith.

He batted away the strips of fabric and purred when Keegan's cock and sac were revealed. "Mmm. You like it when I'm rough, don't you?" he asked, gripping Keegan's sac and tugging, teasing at it with his claws just to make Keegan squirm.

Keegan cried out, arched up into his touch. "Yes!"

Nahele knew Keegan liked it rough. Keegan liked minimal oil, a little penetrative foreplay, but in the end, as long as his cock was large and he was ruthless in its use, Keegan was happy. Something niggled at Nahele's thoughts, whispered that it was a strange behavior from one who had no feral qualities, but he loved fucking Keegan too much to ask questions. "You want it rough tonight, too," he purred, giving Keegan's long, flushed cock a light slap.

Another shout left Keegan's lip as a tremor wracked his body. "Nahele..."

"Answer me!" Nahele ordered, giving another, harder, slap to that gorgeous, bare cock. Keegan's body didn't have the hair or fur a feral-Maith had, and it was endlessly fascinating to Nahele.

Keegan writhed. "Yes," he admitted with a moan.

Nahele grinned, showing off his sharp teeth as he gripped Keegan's cock and squeezed. "Then you're going to be glad you came. I have something special planned for you." He teased the tip of his claw over the slit of Keegan's cock, relishing the whimper it pulled from Keegan before releasing the flesh entirely. "Legs wide. Now!" he ordered when Keegan hesitated, landing another slap a bit lower.

Keegan gasped and did as he was told, or tried to. Parts of his shredded trousers made it difficult, and Nahele growled for a moment before clawing and ripping the two legs of fabric. He used the strips to his advantage, though, knotting them to a couple of the supports of his nest. When he straightened again, it was with a deep purr as his eyes raked over Keegan's exposed, vulnerable body. "Just going to gawk?" Keegan panted, the breathless quality of his voice taking out all the sting of the words.

Nahele simply chuckled darkly and turned, crawling off the nest without a word, just a teasing, controlled flick of his tail against one of Keegan's thighs. He could scent Keegan's confusion, that strange sweetness of fear alongside the arousal, and the soft, needy sound of protest from the bed made his ears perk as he slipped out the flaps of his den into the cold night. Five paces from his den, there was a wooden box, and he brushed off the newly fallen snow from the lid and pulled it up from the ground. He smirked as he entered the den again, seeing Keegan's body jump with what had to be relief. "Thought I might leave you like this?"

"The thought had crossed my mind," Keegan said. He remained still on the nest of furs, and Nahele had to admire Keegan's restraint. "I figured I'd give you another minute before I left."

"Leave?" Nahele came close with his box, a hungry light in his eyes. "No, Keegan, you won't be leaving. Not yet. Not any time soon. I have something special planned tonight."

Keegan swallowed, glancing down at the box. "What's that?"

"Your surprise."

"I hate surprises."

"You'll like this one."

"How do you know?"

Nahele set his box down on the floor just beside the bed and rolled his eyes, reaching over and slapping Keegan's balls, his tail twitching at the cry that rang out from the rough touch. "Because, even though you're one skeptical bastard, I know your tastes... and where you're from."

He watched confusion war with need on Keegan's face. "Forrin?"

"Mmmhmm," he purred. It was the only hint he planned on giving, and he bent down, silencing any other questions by drawing his textured tongue over Keegan's exposed hole. He only did it to work Keegan up for a few seconds, and then he dipped down beyond Keegan's line of sight to the box, tossed aside the lid, and picked a small icicle. Without letting Keegan see, he pressed the tip of the ice right against Keegan's hole.

Keegan's whole body tensed. His breath caught, and his hands twisted in the sheets. "N-Nahele..."

Nahele couldn't help the self-satisfied smirk that made its way to his face. He continued to push the small icicle into Keegan's ass. "Yes?"

"Nnh—" Keegan's back arched. "Cold!"

"I know. Take it in, Keegan. Plan to chill you so thoroughly inside that when I shove my cock into you, you'll scream from the sheer heat of me." Nahele used steady pressure, even as Keegan's body fought him, and the soft, needy cries that made their way from Keegan's lips only cemented Nahele's course. He didn't stop until Keegan's body swallowed the whole icicle and the tip of his finger. "Yes, just like that. You're so fucking hard," he breathed, leaning down to lick up the stiff length of Keegan's cock.

Keegan squirmed, tugged against the strips of his leggings that tied his legs up and apart, but Nahele had tied the knots well so they just tightened the more Keegan struggled. "It's—ah!—melting inside," Keegan moaned, the slightest tremor in his voice that Nahele found endlessly sexy.

He had planned for the melting ice, though. Within seconds, he had a thick, absorbent blanket pushed under Keegan's ass, spread out to catch the water that began trickling from Keegan's hole. He moaned at the sight of Keegan's skin flushed both from arousal and the intense cold of the ice. "Yes, work your muscles around it, feel the cold seeping from you," he encouraged with another lick to Keegan's cock. Another moan and bout of squirming, and he was certain the small icicle had fully melted. There was only one thing to do about that.

He chuckled to himself as he reached down to the box again. He prepped the icicle carefully with a few strokes, making sure the surface was smooth before prodding Keegan's hole again. Keegan's whimper became a full-throated cry, and when he looked up, Keegan's eyes were wide with shock, with questions. He kept pushing the thicker icicle inside, purring, "This one I found near the ravine, where the winds are so strong the icicles curved."

Keegan's muscles tensed, and he became so silent and still. Nahele watched him as he eased the icicle inside, and then the curved, smooth tip of the icicle rubbed where he'd hoped. Keegan bucked and screamed, his cock jerking against his belly. Never had Nahele seen such beauty. He'd had adventurous lovers in the past, but no one as willing and open as Keegan. He rubbed the icicle against that area several time, until a desperate keening sound filled the room, Keegan's body painfully tense.

"I'm going to push this inside," Nahele rumbled. "It's thicker where my hand grasps it, and you'll love it as you're filled with the cold thickness."

A sob left Keegan's lips, but he suddenly relaxed, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Nahele found Keegan's submission—when he could finally wring it from the Maith—a gorgeous sight to behold. He continued to push the thicker icicle inside until it, too, was swallowed by the gripping heat of Keegan's body. He leaned down to lick at the wet, cold hole, Keegan's moans wrapping around his senses.

"So deep," Keegan panted, his hands fisting the furs beneath him. "So damn deep and cold!"

"Yes... Squeeze around it," Nahele instructed, teasing from Keegan's hole up to his sac and lavishing attention on the lightly haired skin. He loved that Keegan only had a dusting of dark hair covering his smooth skin. It was so different than the thick, downy fur that covered most feral-Maith's groins. He licked over and over, feeling as Keegan clenched his muscles around the ice and cried out. Part of the icicle slipped out, making Keegan jump a bit beneath him, and he looked down with a chuckle. "Ah, ah, ah," he reprimanded, pushing the smooth, partially melted ice back into Keegan's trembling body.

"Nahele..." Keegan whined.

"What, Keegan?" Nahele purred, nipping at the base of Keegan's cock. "Not big enough for you anymore? Need something more substantial to fill you up?"

Keegan writhed, hips arching up. "Yes!"

"Such a wanton for size," Nahele chuckled. He reached into the box for the final icicle. He was certain Keegan was expecting his cock at this point, but Nahele wasn't through tormenting his fickle, prickly lover. Keegan would remember tonight for the rest of his life. The icicle was larger than even his cock, thick, long, the tip of it rounded and slick. "Time to scream for me," Nahele said, voice dark and foreboding, and then he pushed the icicle against Keegan's wet, reddened hole. There was so much more resistance, and Keegan's body went very, very still as the thick tip breached him. Another moment of stillness, of silence, and then—as the first two inches of the wide, icy phallus slid inside—Keegan let loose one of those beautiful, musical screams that always sent a thrill of pleasure through Nahele.

He was relentless with the icicle, pushing it deeper and deeper, panting as he watched the ice spread Keegan's hole wide. He pushed it deep, reveling in every scream, every jerk, every tremble Keegan gave him. The way Keegan reached up to the pillows and clawed at them made heat throb in his own cock, and he tried to turn and thrust the ice deep inside Keegan, ignoring the sting of the chill on his one hand, the other taking hold of Keegan's cock and stroking roughly until he earned another scream. "Nahele!"

"So fucking hard. Do you want to come with the ice spreading your ass wide? Or does the ice just make you want my cock even more? The heat of me ramming into your ice-cold hole?"

Keegan sobbed, head thrashing back and forth. "You! Gods, you, Nahele, please!"

"Since you asked so nicely," Nahele purred, leaning down to bestow a final nip to Keegan's sac before he pulled the half-melted icicle out and let it fall to the floor. "So cold and wet inside, aren't you?" Nahele reached for the oil, coating his fingers liberally, and he thrusts two fingers inside that icy passage, fingering Keegan only long enough to lube him, not warm him up. "Ready for my cock?"

Keegan's eyes were dazed, stormy windows into the Maith's tortured soul. "Please," he breathed, arching his hips.

He couldn't deny either of them any longer, not with Keegan so desperate. Slicking himself with the warm oil, he positioned their bodies and slammed forward, his tail going rigid with pleasure and pain as Keegan's icy body gripped around the entirety of his thick cock. "Fuck!" he growled, the word nearly lost in Keegan's piercing cry.

Nahele didn't give him any time to adjust, any time to warm. Instead, he set a brutal pace, his clawed hands taking hold of Keegan's hips with bruising force as he thrust over and over into the tight chill of Keegan's ass. It was unlike anything he'd ever felt, and it made his cock feel burning hot, large and full inside Keegan. The fucking was as brutal as Nahele loved, as merciless as Keegan craved.

Keegan met him thrust for thrust, or at least tried to. His ankles bound, held apart, meant Nahele was able to take freely, watch as pleasure and pain moved through the lithe, pale body beneath him. There was nothing to compare rutting with Keegan to. It was singular and all-encompassing. As soon as they were done, it left Nahele with the itch to fuck all over again, coming until his balls were dry and aching and Keegan was reeking of his musk. Tonight, though, he'd leave them both utterly satisfied, and as Keegan's nails raked down his furry arms and another cry rent the air around them, urging Nahele on.

A low growl built in his chest, gaining force as he pounded his body into Keegan's, and his claws dug into Keegan's vulnerable skin. His tail twitched, flicked about restlessly as his pleasure compounded, and something in the way he fucked Keegan made Keegan's eyes open and focus on him. The look in those smoky eyes sent a chill through him to rival the one surrounding his cock. It was a lost, needy, terrifying look, one that begged him. But what was Keegan begging for? More sex, more pain, just... more? He wasn't even sure. In his own need, all that seemed important was filling up that strange void with sex and scent.

Dipping down, he broke their gazes to nose Keegan's head to the side and bite over Keegan's pulse. His sharp teeth dug into the vulnerable flesh, and he tasted copper on his tongue as Keegan's screams rang in his ears. If Keegan wanted pain and pleasure, then that was exactly what Nahele would give. He marked Keegan's throat deeply and set to fucking him with renewed vigor, using every bit of his natural speed as a feral cat. Keegan arched and writhed, moving eagerly into his fast thrusts, and he gave exactly what Keegan demanded: rutting that would leave him sore for days to come.

By the time his hand finally snaked its way between their bodies, he was panting and growling at Keegan's neck like a wild thing. Keegan's nails dug into the fur at his shoulders, gripping so hard they actually tore at skin beneath his pelt. A last surge of speed sent his hips and hand into a blur of movement, and the moment Keegan's come shot over his fist and onto his fur, he was lost, roaring his triumph as he filled Keegan with his musk, scenting him in the most personal way possible.

Keegan became utterly pliant beneath him, panting raggedly, his limbs twitching. His eyes were half-open, and Nahele wasn't sure Keegan was fully aware of him, of their surroundings. Whatever hounded Keegan, whatever sins or pains or ghosts, were silent in these moments, and Nahele didn't dare move. Not yet. Not until Keegan came back to himself, to him.

The moment came too quickly. Keegan blinked twice, slowly, and then righted his head. That distant, foggy gaze focused on him, and Keegan gave him one of those genuine, sweet smiles. It wouldn't last. Nahele bent down, brushed his lips over Keegan's, trying to keep the afterglow, keep Keegan in the beautiful, hazy world. But, it had to end. The warm, soft weight of Keegan beneath him tensed, and the unfocused nature of Keegan's eyes faded. The sharpness returned, though tinged with sated exhaustion, and Nahele supposed he should be proud he'd managed that much this time.

"Are you all right?" Nahele murmured, scent-marking Keegan's shoulder.

Keegan nodded. "Yes," he croaked, his voice raw, rough.

Nahele tried to smile, but he knew it wasn't the vibrant grin he might have given if that haze of pleasure and freedom lasted for Keegan. Even so, he wiggled, thrusting gently for a moment. "Had enough for tonight?"

"Yes!" Keegan groaned, his voice breaking. Nahele took pity on him and pulled out as gently as possible. Despite his roughness during the act, the last thing he wanted was to make Keegan regret trusting and submitting to him. He took great care in untying Keegan's legs and lowering them to the bed, and his tail twitched as he failed to hide a smirk. Keegan gave him a look but didn't make an effort to scold him.

Even when he had managed to get Keegan into a comfortable position, tossed the soaked blanket, and fetched a warm cloth to soothe away the last of the cold as he moved Keegan beneath the furs, the silence lingered. It made his tail flick and twitch, not exactly from nerves, but from the knowledge of all the things left unsaid between them. He couldn't force Keegan to speak, though, and he was uncertain he would want to hear what Keegan might say, what dark secrets lurked beneath the tense surface of Keegan's control.

He crawled in beside Keegan, and he hesitated a moment before reaching out and drawing Keegan against his chest. Cuddling wasn't something Keegan sought, but it was something Nahele so badly wanted to give. How could he soothe Keegan? How could he break through the wall that kept them at odds when they weren't rutting? How could he make Keegan talk to him?

"I won't be able to walk tomorrow," Keegan finally murmured.

Nahele nuzzled Keegan's hair, inhaling his scent and sweat. "No."

"Will you take care of me?"

Was that a note of frightened longing Nahele heard? He began to purr. "Of course."

Keegan shifted back, brought their bodies closer, and even overlapped their arms. "I like honey in my tea and my cheese warmed on toasted bread."

Nahele couldn't help but smile into the damp, dark hair. It was a small thing, but he'd take it. He'd take the little bits of Keegan the Maith offered, and he'd respect every inch he was given. "Of course, Keegan."


And then, "Goodnight, Nahele."

Keegan didn't move out of his arms, and Nahele chalked it up to one small victory in the long war ahead.

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