A Solstice Mating

Characters: Veerle, Ky'ahn
Origin: World of Egaea (WIP)
Advent Day: Day 23 (December 19th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4,173


Veerle grinned behind the furs that covered her face, protecting her from the fierce chill around her. Even in all her furs and an extra two layers beneath that, she was still freezing and did her best to move as quickly as possible. The sooner she got back into her hut, the better off she would be, but she couldn't go back until she found Ky'ahn. There weren't too many of the Varan about, even in the small window of daylight they had before the long Solstice. When she finally spotted Ky'ahn heading toward the hut the Varan shared with a couple of the other lower ranking mothers and their nest of children, she rushed to intercept her.


Ky'ahn turned at her shout, and opened up her arms just in time for Veerle to jump into them. "What in the names of the stars are you doing out here?" Ky'ahn laughed. "You'll freeze. You have to return to your hut."

"Only if you come with me," Veerle insisted, grateful that Ky'ahn's excellent hearing helped pick up the muffled words through her furs. She watched as Ky'ahn's face turned just the barest hint of pink, her slightly golden hair whipping about in a gust of frigid wind. She shivered even as she laughed. "You're coming with me. Now."

"But, Veerle! You don't—"

"Yes, I do," Veerle interrupted, tugging Ky'ahn along with her. The sun was setting already, and she wanted to get warm again. She just hoped the way Ky'ahn gave in and followed her meant Ky'ahn would be willing to help rid her of that chill. She wasn't a mindreader like Drayis; she couldn't invade someone's thoughts or influence them by any magical means, but with the way Ky'ahn's thoughts pushed at her telepathic senses, she didn't need to pry. Ky'ahn knew what tonight was, and she was already wishing her heart would stop pounding so loud Veerle might hear it. Not in this wind, she whispered to Ky'ahn's mind with a laugh, loving the way Ky'ahn's red eyes widened for a moment at that touch of their minds.

Before she could say or think anything else, they reached her hut door, and she pulled the latch and entered the heat before quickly shutting the door with a groan of relief. A fire still blazed in her wood-burning stove, and she was grateful for all the extra firewood the Varan had given her to see her through the week. The Varan might be able to withstand the extreme cold, but she would freeze to death without all the extra heat.

Ky'ahn looked around, a small smile on her lovely lips. "I wasn't expecting you to seek me out this week," she murmured, her hands rubbing over her slightly swollen belly.

"You never expect me to seek you out at all," Veerle sweetly said. She quickly began to remove her layers. "But I always do."

A flush touched Ky'ahn's snowy skin. "Yes, you always do."

"I learned the most intriguing thing about your customs yesterday," Veerle purred as she hung up her heavy coat and pants along with her outer shirt and leggings.

"Oh?" Ky'ahn asked, but her tone was two pitches too high for Veerle not to hear her anxiety.

Veerle pulled off her next layer, leaving her in just a tank top and shorts. "I learned that lovers pair off tonight and don't leave their beds until the sun rises again. Did you have someone you were going to spend tonight with?"

Ky'ahn swallowed and shook her head. "Only the other lesser mothers and the children."

"That doesn't seem like a way to celebrate the setting of the sun," Veerle all but purred as she crossed to Ky'ahn. "Especially when you have someone to celebrate with."

"I do?"

Veerle lifted her hand and cupped Ky'ahn's cheek, rubbed her thumb over the soft skin. "You do," she breathed before bringing their lips together in a slow, deep kiss. Even kissing Ky'ahn was enough to turn Veerle on, to make her moist between her thighs. And when she brushed her tongue against one of Ky'ahn's fangs, heard that high-pitched, sweet whine, it was all she could do not push Ky'ahn down and taste her sex then and there.

She kissed her way down Ky'ahn's throat, nipping over the pulse as Ky'ahn moaned softly. "You're sure? I don't... want to impose."

It was Ky'ahn's way of saying she wasn't worthy of spending time with Veerle, and Veerle was tired of that old song and dance. No matter how the social structure worked here with the Varan, she had a lover in Ky'ahn, and it didn't matter that Ky'ahn wasn't one of the more prized females in the tribe. "You're mine," she murmured against Ky'ahn's throat. "And I'm going to enjoy seeing how many times I can make you come tonight."

Ky'ahn gasped, shivered. "You're very adept with your hands and mouth."

Veerle laughed softly. "I am. But it's not just my hands and mouth you'll enjoy tonight."

"Hnn?" Ky'han's hands had finally begun to move over Veerle's body, touching her arms and hips, sweeping up to cup Veerle's breasts.

"I have a surprise for you," Veerle whispered, her own hands making short work of the sparse furs Ky'ahn wore. "But that's for later. Right now..." She pulled Ky'ahn to the bed, kissing her along the way, touching her full, soft body. She loved Ky'ahn's body. A mother's body. The large swell of her breasts, the wideness of her hips, and even now, life grew within the Varan, made her belly bulge just a little. Ky'han, to Veerle, was the most beautiful female she'd ever laid eyes on.

Gently, she eased Ky'ahn down to the bed, and then—under that blood-red gaze—she began to remove the last of her clothing. Ky'han's breath was short, her nipples tight, and by the time Veerle knelt between her thighs, the thatch of pale hair surrounding her sex was damp. Veerle pressed their bodies together, kissed Ky'han with all the tenderness and need she felt for the other woman, while her thigh pressed up against Ky'ahn's wet mound.

"I won't be able to do this soon, rest on top of you," she breathed, rubbing her thigh up against Ky'ahn until she earned a deep moan. Her fingers traced over where Ky'ahn's belly was starting to stretch with child. "But I know you think that means I won't touch you, won't kiss or pleasure you, and you're so wrong."

Ky'ahn moaned and arched sweetly beneath her. "You give me so much more than I deserve already."

"Horseshit," Veerle laughed. "You deserve all I have and more." That was enough talk for her tastes, and she dipped down to Ky'ahn's breasts, cupping and massaging them until Ky'ahn's nipples began to tighten. She moaned and suckled at one. Even with her massaging, she couldn't help but gasp and pull away when a small bit of liquid escaped the breast into her mouth. She stared at Ky'ahn, who gasped and flushed as much as she'd ever seen a Varan flush. "Was that...? Are you...?"

"It comes and goes," Ky'ahn whispered, looking away from Veerle. "The other women with infants... it makes my body prepare early. I would understand if... if you didn't... with me anymore."

Veerle kissed Ky'ahn, silencing any further protest, and then pulled back enough to stare down into her beautiful eyes. "It's all right." She smiled. "I just wasn't expecting it." Her hand moved lower, cupped a full breast, and her finger swept over the hard, damp nipple. "It's sexy as hell."

Ky'ahn gasped, rubbed herself against Veerle's thigh. "Is it? Truly?"

"It really is," Veerle moaned softly. To prove it, she dipped down again and sucked in earnest, milking Ky'ahn's breast until another bit of liquid released into her mouth. Without shock urging her to pull away, she tasted the milk. "Sweet," she whispered. "Much sweeter than I would've thought."

"Veerle. Moon and stars, Veerle! That's..."

Ky'ahn's voice trailed off into a moan, and Veerle chuckled as she suckled more, teasing and worrying Ky'ahn's nipple with her lips and teeth, all while pressing her thigh into Ky'ahn's shifting body. Her own nipples hardened, and she moaned around Ky'ahn when Ky'ahn's hands finally found their way to her, plucking and pinching the sharp way she liked best. Ky'ahn was always so hesitant, so ready to be rejected or humiliated, and it made her heart soar to feel her hands exploring and teasing without any suggestion on her part. "Yes, just like that," she moaned as she switched to the other nipple, her free hand dropping between Ky'ahn's legs. She wanted to bring Ky'ahn to a mind-blowing release, and that meant teasing her clit fast and unrelentingly.

It wasn't long before Ky'ahn was squirming under her touch, gasping and crying out, lost to her pleasure. Those moments, when Ky'ahn thought of nothing but them and what they did, were precious to Veerle. There might be complications in their future, she might butt heads with the male Varan time and again, but Ky'ahn was hers. All hers.

"Come for me," Veerle breathed, her eyes intent on Ky'ahn's flushed, gorgeous face.

Ky'ahn's breath caught for a moment, and then she bucked, her back arching sharply as she cried out. Her pale body trembled with the force of her climax, and Veerle felt a rush of moisture between her own legs at the sight. She ducked down, captured a thick nipple in her mouth, and tugged at it with her teeth, her fingers sliding down along the wet seam of Ky'ahn's sex. She pushed two inside and loved how Ky'ahn next cry was breathless and choked.

Gods, Veerle's mindvoice purred to Ky'ahn as she continued to use teeth and fingers. I could make you come dozens of times a night and never grow tired of it.

Ky'ahn groaned softly, still panting beneath her. "We'll see... tonight..."

Veerle grinned. Ky'ahn was right. Tonight, of all nights, she would push their limits, bring them both all the pleasure they could handle and a little extra just to celebrate Solstice. She pulled back from Ky'ahn's chest with a smirk. "You should never doubt me. I have something special for tonight. Do you want to see? Or should I make you come a handful of times before I give you your Solstice gift?"

"A gift?" Ky'ahn blinked slowly, and Veerle could see the pleasure recede just a little in the scarlet gaze. "What gift?"

"You didn't answer my question." Veerle began kissing her way down Ky'ahn's body. "Because I'm thinking I should taste you before I give you your gift."

Ky'ahn moaned, spread her legs a little wider, her fingers combing through Veerle's hair. "You make me think about nothing but your fingers, lips, body."

"Good," Veerle breathed, a possessive wave of affection washing through her. "I want you to think about nothing but me, especially now." She rubbed her hands over the soft, tender insides of Ky'ahn's thighs, and then leaned in, inhaling the rich musk of Ky'ahn's sex before extending her tongue, drawing it up the length of Ky'ahn's lips.

Ky'ahn's moans egged her on, a constant source of inspiration and encouragement, and she lost herself in the act of licking, sucking, and thrusting into Ky'ahn. It took a little longer to work her up a second time, but Veerle knew exactly what Ky'ahn liked best, and she set to giving every pleasure she could, curving her fingers and flicking her tongue rapidly over Ky'ahn's clit. She could feel when the tension took hold, when Ky'ahn's body began to thrum with release, and it made her own sex throb. She sucked with all her strength and shuddered when Ky'ahn finally cried out again, clenching around her fingers. She withdrew them, replaced them with her tongue so she could lap at Ky'ahn's release.

These were her favorite moments, in the aftermath of one of Ky'ahn's orgasms, tasting, touching, and listening to her. Nothing compared to Ky'ahn's beauty when her skin was lightly flushed, her eyes dazed, and that beautiful smile on her lips. It was an expression that made Veerle believe she was Ky'ahn's entire world. To take Ky'ahn away from her everyday pains and struggles was one of her greatest pleasures here in the icy wilderness. The life that had left Ky'ahn on the low end of the hierarchy simply because her children were female. She loved being able to take her from that and show her how beautiful and important she was.

When Ky'ahn's twitching died down, she pulled back with a grin. Ky'ahn tugged weakly at her, guiding her up, and she chuckled as she wiped her face and offered Ky'ahn all the kisses she wished.

Ky'ahn's fingers combed through Veerle's hair, and she practically purred. "Does this mean I can now see your gift?" she asked between sweet kisses.

Veerle grinned. "You sure you're up for it?"

"Yes!" Ky'ahn laughed, her hands sweeping up and down Veerle's back. "You have me so very curious. I've never been given a gift before."

"Well, you get one tonight," Veerle purred, kissing Ky'ahn one more time before forcing herself to roll over. She reached under her bed, her legs kicking awkwardly as she searched for the box she had hidden. It made Ky'ahn laugh, and she nudged Ky'ahn with her knee. When she straightened again, there was a wooden box in her hands. "I've... had it for a while, but I thought you might enjoy it."

Ky'ahn sat up, cradling her belly in a way Veerle was sure must be instinct after having had so many children. She handed Ky'ahn the box and watched as Ky'ahn opened it. Ky'ahn's eyes widened. "What is it?"

Veerle laughed as Ky'ahn gingerly plucked the leather straps out of the way and held up the largest part of the gift, the strange material glinting in the firelight. "It's what we call a strap-on. It allows us to... couple more like men do."

Ky'ahn's fingers moved over the finely crafted phallus. "More like men?"

Veerle nodded. "One of us can wear the harness and slip the phallus inside." She smiled, enjoying the gentle blush on Ky'ahn's cheeks. "It can be incredibly intimate, pleasurable."

"I've felt little pleasure under the heaving bulk of a male." Ky'ahn lifted her gaze from the phallus. "Would it be different beneath you?"

Veerle leaned over, brushing her lips over Ky'ahn's. "I'd like to think it would. Your pleasure is as important to me as my own. It makes me very different from the men of your kind."

Ky'ahn's breath shuddered against Veerle's lips. "I want to try with you."

"I'd hoped you'd say that," Veerle said with a grin, her heart beginning to race as she plucked the harness from the box. "I'll make it so amazing for you."

"Is that why you've worked me up?" Ky'ahn asked, the accusation in her words softened by the smile on her lips. She watched as Veerle shifted and pulled the leather up her legs, adjusting a couple of the straps.

"I was going to whether you wanted to try or not," Veerle chuckled. "Even without gifts, it's still Solstice, and your tradition was quite clear." Her eyes sparkled as she picked up the phallus and inserted it into the opening of the harness. She shifted it about until she was happy with the position, and then secured the last of the straps. She stroked along the smooth material, giving Ky'ahn a very good view. "Do you like the way it looks?"

A deep flush stole over Ky'ahn's cheeks. "Yes," she breathed. "Isn't it strange? A man's organ never made my body ache, but seeing one on you..."

Veerle braced herself over Ky'ahn, loving the ego boost Ky'ahn's words gave her. "Seeing one on me what?" she asked, nipping at Ky'ahn's throat.

"It makes me ache to have you between my thighs." Ky'ahn spread her legs wide, arched against Veerle. "You truly wish to mate with me throughout the Solstice darkness?"

Veerle rubbed the head of the phallus along the wet seam of Ky'ahn's sex. "Yes. That was the idea."

Ky'ahn moaned and smiled up at her. "I don't deserve you. I deserve to be at home with the children and other mothers."

"Nonsense." Veerle nipped Ky'ahn's jaw and kissed her way to Ky'ahn's lips between words. "You deserve to be right here... with me... all night... my cock claiming you."

"So crude!" Ky'ahn gasped, pulling her closer.

"You love it." Veerle let the phallus continue to tease Ky'ahn, working her lover up. "So beautiful," she breathed, kisses down to Ky'ahn's breasts. She nipped and suckled, Ky'ahn's hands in her hair again. She didn't mind one bit that Ky'ahn was a passive lover. With everything Ky'ahn had been through, it didn't surprise Veerle one bit. Besides, she loved seeing how much pleasure she could bring her sweet Ky'ahn.

Ky'ahn pressed her hips, rubbed herself against Veerle. "So... are you," she moaned. "Please..."

"You want my cock?" Veerle whispered against a wet, tight nipple.

"Yes," Ky'ahn whimpered. "I want to know its pleasures. I want to be marked as yours tonight."

It's all the encouragement Veerle needed. "You're mine tonight," she growled softly, possessive as she aligned the strap-on with Ky'ahn's body and gently eased her hips forward. She might not be able to feel Ky'ahn's body hugging her as a man would, but she could feel the way Ky'ahn's breath hitched, the shift of her hips, the quiver that rippled through her thighs and abdomen. She didn't have to be a man to enjoy the look in Ky'ahn's eyes as she filled her up, spreading her with the thickness of the phallus. She'd chosen one of the thicker ones she owned, knowing that Ky'ahn's body was looser than hers from having so many children. She didn't think it a negative. To her mind, it made Ky'ahn all the more alluring. Her body could do something so many Elves' couldn't! She was beautiful, and Veerle did everything she could to make Ky'ahn believe it as she pushed deeper, thrusting forward until the leather of the harness was pressed snugly to Ky'ahn's sex.

Ky'ahn let out a shuddering breath, her hands tight on Veerle's arms. "By the stars," she whispered, eyes sparkling with need. "Feels so... full... good."

Veerle rolled her hips, moaning as the harness rubbed against her. "Just because a man has a cock doesn't mean he has a clue how to use it," she said with a wry smile.

"Veerle," Ky'ahn whimpered, arching her hips into Veerle's slight movements.

"Ky'ahn." Veerle bent down, licked and kissed at Ky'ahn's throat as she slowly lengthened her thrusts. The soft, wet sounds of their bodies moving together only increased Veerle's own arousal. "Gods, never felt this before," she admitted.

"Felt... what?" Ky'ahn began to move against Veerle with more ease, more desire. "You've never done this with another?"

"I have," Veerle moaned, the harness rubbing her when Ky'ahn moved up into her thrusts. "It's just never... felt so damn good. Never done it with you before." That was the difference to her. It was just being with Ky'ahn that turned every act into an erotic, emotional experience.

Ky'ahn blushed and smiled up at her, and Veerle swore her heart would burst with how much love that single look inspired in her. She dipped down when Ky'ahn craned her neck for another kiss. She set a steady pace, leaving enough time between thrusts to make every movement sensual. It was a sharing, not just a taking, and she wanted Ky'ahn to feel the difference. If Ky'ahn's deep moans and clinging touches were any indication, she was doing a very good job of it, too. It brought a possessive smirk to her lips, made her blood pound through her with a rush of pride and dominance.

Ky'ahn's lips moved along her shoulder, brushed her throat. If Veerle had been standing, her knees would have buckled. Soft cries filled her ears, and the way Ky'ahn moved... gods help her, it was a sinful delight. The shy, restrained Varan she'd met so many months ago had given way to this sexy, hungry woman who pushed up into every thrust Veerle made. There was nothing more arousing that seeing the transformation, than knowing this pleasure had been her true gift to Ky'ahn. Veerle panted, head thrown back, her throat utterly exposed, and her mind swam as Ky'ahn nibbled, sucked, and the slick sounds of their bodies echoes in her ears.

"Gods save me," she breathed, her body tense, her rhythm becoming fast. Ky'ahn's sweet cry brought a shudder to Veerle. "Nothing like you."

Ky'ahn's hands dug into the meat of Veerle's ass, urged her onward. "Veerle," she mewled, her voice uneven, trembling in a musical, gorgeous way.

"So close." Veerle squeezed her eyes shut. "Do you want... to feed?"

"Yes," Ky'ahn gasped. "Please, Veerle..."

Veerle immediately arched her neck and pressed it against Ky'ahn's mouth. "Drink," she panted desperately. "Drink before I—ah!"

Ky'ahn's mouth latched onto her without hesitation, and those sharp fangs ripped through her skin. The pain was blinding for a moment, a cold spike driven through her neck, but the next instant, Ky'ahn's venom pumped in through the wounds, and the chill was replaced with a wave of heat and arousal. Her head swam, her skin tingled, and a ripple of pleasure shot down her spine and exploded in her cunt, sending her screaming over the edge. Her hips bucked, thrusting deeper and harder into Ky'ahn as she rode out the pleasure.

She barely registered when Ky'ahn's mouth left her neck, but that scream her lover let loose spoke to that primal, sexual creature inside her. Ky'ahn trembled under her, her nails scratching down Veerle's back, but it was all hazy. Veerle's body pounded with the venom, with pleasure and climax and need. Her hips thrust deep a final time, and she rested there, panting, shivering. Her sex felt thick, wet, and she ached to reach down and make herself come again.

Ky'ahn whined, rocked up against her. "Taste so good... feels... even better."

"I know this gift... was for you," Veerle panted, her hands squeezing and kneading absently at Ky'ahn's full breasts, "but please, tell me you're going to give me a moment, put on this harness, and fuck me until I scream."

"You want me to...?"

"Yes," Veerle moaned, and she knew it wasn't just the venom talking for her. She wanted to be utterly undone by Ky'ahn, to give herself completely and take everything her sweet lover offered in return.

Ky'ahn moaned as Veerle rocked into her. "It's... just the venom..."

"No, it's not," Veerle insisted. "It's you. It will always be you." Her sex throbbed between her thighs. "Please, Ky'ahn, please..."

Ky'ahn nodded, uncertainty in her eyes. "Yes." A small, hesitant smile curved her lips, her sharp canine teeth peeking through the expression. "Yes, Veerle."

A soft, excited squeak escaped Veerle as she kissed that beautiful, slightly bloody smile. Even when she started to ease back and withdraw from Ky'ahn, she couldn't get enough of those kisses. Ky'ahn moaned softly when the rest of the phallus slipped free, and Veerle rolled them both onto their sides. She smirked when Ky'ahn reached down and curiously stroked at the length of the strap-on.

"You look so sexy," Ky'ahn breathed against her lips, and the light touches that trailed from the harness up to her nipples left her moaning and arching closer to Ky'ahn.

"You will, too," Veerle insisted.

Ky'ahn groaned and fiddled with the buckles of the harness' straps, undoing them until she was able to push the bulk of it down Veerle's legs. It left her exposed, and Ky'ahn's fingers slipped down her body and between her folds. Veerle's moan was devoured by a hungry kiss that sent her toes curling, and Ky'ahn pulled back after another few seconds, whispering, "How long do you need to recover?"

"How long will it take you to get the harness on your gorgeous hips?"

Ky'ahn laughed, and the sound brought Veerle as much pleasure as any touch to her body. "Not long."

"Good," Veerle purred. "I want every moment of tonight to be filled with pleasure. So much pleasure that you'll never spend another Solstice any other way again."

"Even once we have a family?"

Veerle reached out and rubbed the palms of both her hands over the slight bulge in Ky'ahn's belly. "Especially when we have our family. A night for you and me, for just the two of us, so we can celebrate all we've been blessed with."

Ky'ahn's eyes filled with warmth, and when her lower lip trembled slightly, Veerle feared she might cry, and hugged her closer. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Veerle murmured with a smile, her hand rubbing circles over Ky'ahn's belly. "Celebrate tonight with me? This night and every Solstice from now on?"

Ky'ahn grinned against her lips and pulled her closer. "Always, Veerle. Always."

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