A Christmas Kiss

Characters: Logan, Kasper
Origin: Catalyst
Advent Day: Day 22 (December 18th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4,808


Kasper flushed the toilet and washed his hands, humming Jingle Bells softly to himself. He loved Christmas with Logan. Soon, Logan would wake up, they'd have a perfect, simple breakfast, and then they'd laughingly attack the gifts under the tree. Four Christmases in, and it never got old for Kasper. As he dried his hands, he looked up into the mirror, and a frown curved his lips.


There was more silver at his temples. He'd noticed the slight change last year about this time. Time was marching on, and it was slowly—but surely—turning his hair from gold to silver. He leaned in closer to the mirror, combing his fingers through the unkempt hair. Dammit, dammit, dammit! Logan hadn't even hit thirty yet, but here he was, forty-three and graying.

Logan's reflection appeared over his shoulder, and he froze, caught in the act. He straightened and cleared his throat as Logan stepped close, meeting his eyes in the mirror.

"Good morning," Logan said, kissing his throat and wrapping his arms around Kasper's midsection. When he was slow to respond, Logan tilted his head. "Something wrong with your reflection?"

Kasper felt heat creep over his cheeks. "No."

"Don't lie to me." Logan forced him to turn back to the mirror. "You were intent on your reflection when I walked in. What were you looking at?"

Logan, only four years older than when they'd first met, was still so young, so fit... so fucking beautiful. His dark blue eyes were just as intense and intent, his voice commanding. Inside the playroom or out, Logan mastered him in all ways. Kasper looked away from the mirror, and then back, meeting Logan's eyes. "There's more gray in my hair."


Kasper pulled away. "So? So, I'm getting old. Gray hair. Crow's feet. And no matter how long I spend at the gym or in the pool, I've still put on ten pounds since last Christmas." He knew he sounded vain, and maybe he was. A little vanity wasn't a bad thing, and he just worried so much that Logan wouldn't think him as attractive as he did four years ago... or, hell, even last year. "Maybe I should dye my hair."

"No!" Logan instantly protested. "You will not dye your hair. And you will not get plastic surgery to remove those amazing laugh lines. They mean we've had a lot of smiles in the last few years. That's a good thing!" Logan's fingers reached up and combed through the hair at Kasper's temples. "I love the silver. Fuck, the way you're going, you're gonna end up silver all over without much hair loss. Do you know how fucking hot that is?" Those hands moved down his back to squeeze his ass. "How sexy you are?"

Kasper groaned, pressing closer to Logan. "I am? Still?" he asked, hating that lilt of insecurity in his voice.

"Still," Logan purred into his ear, sending a tingle down his spine. "You're sexy as fuck. Always have been, and always will be." Logan cupped his hips and rubbed their bodies together a little. "Will you still think I'm hot when my hair goes all salt-n-pepper?"

Another moan filled Kasper's throat as his body hardened, and he smiled as he wrapped his arms around Logan. "Of course. I'll be eighty, but..."

Logan gave him a sharp slap on his ass. "You will not." He laughed. "Could you stop acting as if you're on social security and Medicare? You're an active—" Logan kissed Kasper. "—sexy—" He kissed him again. "Forty-three, and you're as active—if not more—than you were at thirty-five."

Kasper tried to nab another kiss. "All your fault. No fewer than four nights in the playroom means I have to stay flexible and active."

"Me, too," Logan chuckled. "You keep me on my toes, make me go all out every time, and I love it." Logan granted him one more kiss, but then pulled back with another playful slap to his ass. "Now, get your ass away from the mirror and down to the tree. It's time for me to serve you breakfast so we can open presents."

Kasper gave in with a laugh, and combed his hair quickly before heading out of their bedroom, and downstairs to where they had the tree and the bulk of the decorations set up. Logan practically skipped past him into the kitchen, and he smiled as he curled up on the sofa in front of the Christmas tree and fireplace, where their basset hound, Simon, was lounging. Logan always knew how to lift his spirits. They kept buying more and more decorations, but instead of making Kasper feel trapped by clutter, they somehow made him progressively happier over the years. With Logan's help, he was starting to have a real home, and as their cat, Micah, made himself at home in Kasper's lap, he felt happiness seep into every fiber of his body.

In minutes, Logan handed him two poached eggs, some toast, and a glass of juice. Kasper grinned, accepting his plate and fork. "Perfect," he purred, and then immediately dove into the simple meal. He didn't need or want anything big or fancy, and Logan knew just what he liked.

It didn't take long for him to put away the food, and after Logan took up their plates, Kasper shooed Micah from his lap and crawled to the stack of presents under the tree. Just as he was reaching for a long, beautifully wrapped package, Logan made a sound.

"No, not that one. That one's last," Logan said, falling to his knees beside Kasper. "Any one but that one."

"Perhaps you shouldn't have put it right up front, then," Kasper teased, and when Logan stuck out his tongue at him, he just laughed and set the long package aside. The other presents were plentiful, but Logan had piqued his interest. He couldn't help but look back at it several times as they enjoyed the other gifts they had given one another. When everything else was open and set aside, and Micah was playing with his new furry play-mice, he finally reached for the box again. Logan chuckled and motioned for him to go ahead, and he eagerly pulled it forward.

Logan huffed while he carefully opened the package, preserving the beautiful, metallic paper and ribbon. "Hey. It's pretty paper, and this way, we can reuse it."

"Just open the present!" Logan said with a grin.

Kasper rolled his eyes and pulled open the box. He pushed the tissue paper aside, and then his breath caught and a deep flush suffused his face. "Logan," he breathed. Kasper ran his fingers over the oiled, dark leather of a gorgeous single tail whip. "But—"

Logan crawled close to him, eyes dark and hot. "It's time."

"Is it?" Kasper asked, shaking his head a little. "I'm not sure."

"You've come a long way. We both have." Logan caressed his face and drew him into a sweet kiss. "You've taken all the steps. You're ready for this."

Kasper's heart pounded, and he licked his lips. Logan sounded so confident, so trusting, but could he be trusted? After all they'd been through, the darkness of addiction still felt so close sometimes.

"Do you not want to?" Logan asked, fingers tracing Kasper's throat.

Kasper moaned softly. "I do," he admitted. "God, Logan, I do. I jack off sometimes just remembering how it feels, but I didn't want to ask. I didn't trust myself." He finally looked up from the whip. "I still don't think I trust myself completely."

"That's the wonderful thing about this." Logan brushed his smiling lips against Kasper's. "I trust you, and I trust myself. I won't let it go too far. So, the question is, do you trust me?"

"Implicitly," Kasper whispered.

Logan smiled against his lips. "Good. Up to the playroom, then. I want to see you naked and bound."

Kasper groaned when Logan pulled away, gingerly taking the whip from the box and carrying it reverently up the stairs to their playroom. He stopped short when he entered, eyeing the large post in the center. "You've been planning this, haven't you?"

"Nonsense," Logan chuckled. "Santa just left you a surprise during the night."

Kasper rolled his eyes and smiled as he set the whip down on the counter beside the door. He was about to pull his t-shirt off when Logan's hands stopped him. He looked over his shoulder, and the look in Logan's eyes made his pulse race and his cock ache in his pajama bottoms. He moaned as Logan ran his hands up under his shirt, teasing his nipples before pulling the fabric up and over his head and arms. The same tender treatment was given to his pajama bottoms, and by the time he was completely naked, his cock was heavy and dark.

Logan went to the door and took Kasper's collar from its peg. Kasper averted his eyes, and the familiar slide of the leather sent a shiver down his spine.

"So fucking sexy, naked, hard, and collared," Logan purred. "Go to the post and kneel on the base, your arms outstretched."

Kasper's heart was pounding as he made his way to the post. It had been years since he'd been strapped to these sorts of posts, but, God, the thrill of it had been intoxicating. It would be intoxicating again, but he had Logan to pull him back this time. He knelt on the base, his cock nudging it a little, and then held out his arms. There was nothing like this. There was nothing in the world like giving up all power to Logan, riding the waves of pain and pleasure as he submitted himself entirely. The weight of the collar at his throat—now warm and soft—was like an ever-present brand reminding himself of all he offered... and all that would be offered in return.

There was a bit of rustling, and when Logan came into view again, he was wearing safety glasses on the top of his head like a headband and smiling as he took each of Kasper's arms and pulled them to the right position, binding them into place. The cuffs were perfect, fitting nicely around his wrists. There was even a polished area on the far side of the post where he could steady himself and grab hold. The forethought Logan had put into all this was astonishing, and he moaned softly, shifting on his knees.

"Such a pretty slut," Logan chuckled, fingertips trailing over Kasper's arms and down his back. "Are you going to please me today?"

"Yes," Kasper breathed.

"Mmm... good. I wanna hear you scream, watch you tremble as I push you right to your limit. Do you want to find that limit today, Kas?"

Kasper moaned and shifted again on his knees, but when he failed to answer, Logan slapped his ass so hard that the sting stole his breath away. "Yes!" he panted out. "Yes, I want to find my limit with you!"

Logan caressed Kasper's cheek. "Then that's what we'll do," he murmured with a smile. "You know the rules. You know your safewords."

"Yes," Kasper all but panted. His head swam with need. "Banana. Apple."

"You'll use them if you have to?"

Another nod was about all Kasper could manage. "Please..."

Logan flipped down his safety glasses and moved out of Kasper's field of vision. He wasn't gone, though. Those hands smoothed up and down his back, massaging lightly until he was a little more relaxed and could sit still on the platform. It was only then Logan granted him his first touch of the whip, simply running the oiled leather over his skin, teasing him.

"Logan," Kasper moaned, leaning up into the touch of the whip. They hadn't even begun, and his cock was already achingly hard. The first light strike came a minute later, and he gasped at the sting that spread across his lower back and the top of his ass.

"I've spent the last five months learning from Sir Robert," Logan said.

The next lash brought a shudder through Kasper's body. Sir Robert was an expert with the single tail, and that Logan had managed to secure time with him... A third strike to his back--just a little harder this time, more sting in it--took his breath away. The kiss of the whip was like nothing else. Kasper had missed it, remembered it vividly in his private moments. But, this time, it was Logan whipping him, not some nameless, faceless Dom or Domme he'd managed to hustle.

A rhythm slowly built, each strike precise, placed with care across the most sensitive places of his back and ass. A few snaps of the lash missed him entirely, but the sound alone made him jump. Logan was playing with him, making him lean back and ache for every blow. The sound turned him on just as much as the pain, and he moaned as the sting deepened into a throb, and then into an ache.

"Yeah, lean into my whip. Feel the pain and pleasure burn through you," Logan panted, his voice like an echo in Kasper's hazy mind. "Just like that."

Kasper was breathing fast and heavy, his head hazy as he sank into the cadence of Logan's whip. It wasn't like before. It wasn't all about the pain, about that high he could manage when pushed to the brink of consciousness. This was about so much more, and by the time he relaxed into the lashing, he was crying out, hard and swaying elegantly. He was completely consumed by the pain, pleasure, and the intense arousal that soared through him the more Logan pushed.

And Logan did push. It was as if every strike was placed for maximum sensation, the pain and pleasure caught in a balancing act. Logan manipulated him perfectly, tipping the scale back and forth, back and forth, and finally letting pain ease into dominance. The shift pulled a scream from him, and then another as the same force was spread from his ass up to his back. It was harsh, but he could take it. He could take anything Logan would give him. He would do anything Logan wanted, anything at all.

Just when he thought his skin would break, and he would come with the rushing pain of it all, Logan's strikes began to lighten. Kasper almost shouted for it to not end, but then Logan would give him another round of hard lashes. It was a lover's touch, a Dom who was in love, and Kasper soaked in every moment, his cock and balls so ready for release. But his release was Logan's to give. Always Logan's to gift to him, and so even when the whip pushed him to the very edge of his control, Kasper held on. He held on until Logan moaned and the lashing tapered off completely.

After a moment of stillness where all Kasper knew was the burning, blistering pain of his back and ass, he felt Logan's hot, wet tongue move over his shoulders. The pain was unimaginable, but glorious. Kasper screamed again, gripping the post fiercely, his whole body trembling as Logan licked that one line over and over. Vaguely, Kasper realized Logan must have drawn blood, but the thought is lost when Logan yanked on his hair, pulled his head back, and rubbed the hot, hard thickness of him along Kasper's ass.

The groan that escaped him was ragged, wild with need, and he arched his back as much as he could, pushing back into that rubbing. God, he wanted Logan inside him, wanted Logan to take him hard.

"So fucking beautiful," Logan practically growled, his grip tightening in Kasper's hair until he cried out again. "You want my cock? Want me to spread you wide and fuck your ass as it burns from the whip?"

"Y-Yes!" Kasper gasped out, the need to be filled overriding every other sensation. A second later, Logan pushed two slick fingers inside him, and he choked out a moan as they were pushed deep one instant and pulled out completely the next. Logan's cock quickly replaced those fingers, thrusting inside him until Logan's thighs rubbed against his abused ass, pulling a ragged scream from his lips.

Two hard thrusts, and then Logan stopped moving. Logan licked up Kasper's ear, panting hard, voice deep. "I want you to ride my cock," he said. "I want you to ride it until I come, and then, if you're good, I'll let you come."

Kasper sobbed, but managed to give a little nod. Riding Logan would be agony, but he loved it. His cock was so damn hard, his balls aching, and he wanted to come. He wanted to be so good, please Logan so well, that he'd at least be allowed to jack himself off. Kasper began to rise and fall as best he could, using the post for leverage, and he moaned, whimpered, and shuddered as Logan's cock moved in and out of him slickly, thick and hard and everything Kasper loved about sex with his husband. The sense of possession, of being everything Logan wanted and more, was better than any high from pain and submission. This was what Kasper craved from their sessions, this moment when Logan took him after his soul had been flayed open by an expert caning or a thorough mastering. There was nothing hidden between them in these moments, and Kasper thrived in the honesty of their relationship.

Logan moaned behind Kasper, the guiding hand on his hip shifting until Logan's thumb teased one of the welts. It sent pain and pleasure sizzling through him, and Logan's voice barely registered through the din of his own cry. "Yeah... fuck yourself on my cock. Just like that!"

Logan's hand tightened at his hip, and then he bucked with a shout. The liquid heat that spread inside Kasper pulled another sob from him, and his arms trembled as he forced himself to keep rising and falling, determined to bring Logan every ounce of pleasure he could. The grunts and groans he pulled from Logan sent tendrils of pride and pleasure through him.

"Enough," Logan rasped at last, taking hold of Kasper's hips so firmly that Kasper cried out. A shaky laugh puffed against his ear, and he whimpered when Logan pulled free of his ass, come seeping down his thighs. "So fucking eager. So fucking beautiful the way you beg for more." Logan's lips trailed from his ear down his neck and over the leather of his collar. "You make me happy, so damn proud."

Those words cut through Kasper even deeper than the lash, and he wept, moving back into Logan's every touch. His own need for release seemed so trivial; he'd pleased Logan, and that's all that mattered. He was a little startled when the cuffs on his wrists were released, and he would have fallen back if it weren't for Logan's support. He looked around, trying to clear his head enough to seek Logan's eyes, but the question he couldn't bring himself to voice was soon answered.

"Off the pedestal," Logan commanded. "Turn a little and sit back on your heels. You can use your arms for support, but I want your thighs wide. Display yourself for me."

Kasper moved stiffly, his body aching wonderfully. He shifted back from the post, kneeling on the soft carpet of the playroom floor. Flushing—he was amazed he could still flush after years of this—as he spread his legs wide and leaned back, he finally raised his eyes. Logan was sweaty and gorgeous, his cock half-hard and still wet with lube and come. Kasper moaned, leaning back on his hands, displaying himself completely for Logan. He wasn't shameless; he was proud. He'd pleased Logan, and Logan had given him something he'd thought he'd never feel again.

And it hadn't gone too far. He hadn't used Logan, and Logan hadn't harmed him.

That, too, was cause for celebration, and Kasper hoped that what Logan had planned was a celebration. The hungry gleam in his husband's eyes was enough to make him mewl, hips shifting unconsciously, and he had to look away. Looking at Logan just made him want to crawl, to suck him, to give him all the pleasure that could possibly be had. There was so much satisfaction in pleasuring Logan, in giving of himself until he simply bled.

Movement caught his eyes, but he closed them to resist the urge to look, but that only lasted a moment until his eyes shot open, and he cried out at the soft heat of Logan's tongue against the shaft of his cock. He whimpered as Logan teased up and down him several times before sinking down the length of him. He felt the head of his cock nudge into Logan's mouth, and the clenching, bobbing movements Logan gifted him with pushed him to the very edge in seconds. He was too worked up, too ready to explode, and the pleasure didn't last long. His hands clenched in the carpet, his body on fire as he screamed his release.

Logan moaned around him, sucked every drop from him until Kasper was whining softly. He wanted to lift his hands, cradle Logan's head against him, but he didn't dare. He was still wearing his collar. He was still submitting to his master's every whim. It took all he had not to seek the intimacy of touch, but he managed it, and when Logan finally pulled back from his sore, spent cock, Kasper was ready to do anything to earn a kiss.

Logan's hands smoothed up and down his torso, and he moaned, shifting up into every touch. He expected Logan to slap him, maybe pinch his nipples, but instead, those hands just moved to his collar and removed it. He shivered, tears springing back to his eyes as he was helped up from his position and carefully held close. Logan tilted his head up and, without demanding anything more from him, possessed his mouth in a deep, sweet kiss that sent him trembling in Logan's arms.

Logan pulled back after another minute of kissing and breathed against his lips, "Fucking hell, Kas, I love you so much!"

Kasper's arms weakly clung to Logan. "I love you, too." God, he did. He did with every sore fiber of his being. "Thank you," he whispered. "Thank you so much."

Logan smiled against his lips. "Don't just thank me. It's your triumph, too. You're the one who just took the lash beautifully. You're the one who gave a hundred and ten percent. And you're the cause of something else, too." Logan chuckled and brought one of Kasper's hands down to his groin. "Just look what you did," Logan reprimanded playfully.

Kasper groaned, shifting impatiently against Logan as he felt how hard Logan was again. Logan's recovery time wasn't usually so short, but it made Kasper's heart thrill to be the source of such arousal. With the collar off, he could speak freely, tease. "What do you expect me to do about it?" he asked with a faint grin, letting his fingers circle the wet tip.

Logan shivered against him. "Whatever you want," he purred, nipping Kasper's lower lip.

"I want to suck you," Kasper breathed, eyes dark. "I love sucking you."

"You going to swallow every drop?"

Color moved over Kasper's cheeks. "Of course." He hadn't liked it in the beginning, but now... he couldn't imagine not swallowing Logan's come.

"Give me a minute to clean up." Logan stood up and went into the bathroom across the hall, and then Kasper heard the soft sound of water running.

Kasper somehow got to his feet, his knees weak, and went to the full length mirror in the corner of the room. Slowly, he turned a little and looked over his shoulder. He couldn't keep the moan back as he took in the sight of his flesh. Logan had been careful. There were only two bloody lashes—one low on his back, and one across his shoulders. That was what Logan had been licking and sucking at, and Kasper couldn't help the way his heart sped in his chest. Welts, bruises, red marks. God, it turned him on just looking at Logan's handiwork.

"Like what you see?" Logan grinned from the doorway.

Had the water turned off so soon? Kasper hadn't noticed. His cheeks burned for a moment, but he couldn't help but smile. "It's beautiful."

"You're telling me," Logan moaned softly, crossing to Kasper and steadying him as he tried to walk forward to meet him. Logan led him across the room to the bed they kept in the other corner. "Careful there. I might like you on your knees, but I don't want you to fall on them."

Kasper laughed. "I'm all right. Some food, some juice, a long, hot shower with you, and I'll be good as new." Logan helped him sit on the edge of the bed, and then Kasper was face-to-face with Logan's cock. He licked his lips. "You still want me to suck you?"

"Unless you'd rather I just jack off." Logan smirked, rubbing his thumb over Kasper's lower lip. "But that would be such a waste, don't you think?"

"Yes," Kasper breathed. He let the tip of his tongue dart out to brush against the pad of Logan's thumb. "A terrible waste."

Logan's eyelashes fluttered for a moment as he groaned, and Kasper shivered as Logan tangled one hand in his hair. He could have sworn Logan caressed that section near his temples where he was graying, and the loving attention there made him feel weak with love as Logan pushed the tip of his cock between his lips. He moaned and suckled the head, teasing the leaking slit with tongue and teeth until Logan moaned and pushed deeper.

With the collar off, he wasn't afraid to touch Logan now, so he steadied himself against Logan's hips, touching and caressing along the bony protrusions of his hips. Logan's cock twitched in his mouth, and he moaned around the length, bobbing a couple times, working Logan deeper. He chose a slow, maddening pace on purpose, teasing Logan until Logan's hand tightened in his hair and forced him to remain still. The next thrust pushed all the way into his throat, taking his breath away and pressing his lips and nose right to the base of Logan's cock.

"Such a fucking tease," Logan groaned, "but I know what you really want."

Logan set his own pace, deep and possessive, and Kasper's hands tightened on those moving hips. He kept his eyes open and canted up as much as possible, and when he caught Logan's gaze, the look in Logan's eyes made him want to melt. Love, need, and passion were all in those dark blue eyes, and the knowledge that he was the one to inspire all that emotion in his husband just made him all the more eager to give himself as Logan fucked his mouth and throat.

It was what he wanted. Logan knew him thoroughly. From the whip as a gift to the fucking of his mouth, Logan knew what Kasper needed, wanted, loved. He submitted entirely, sucking and licking when he could, but Logan took his mouth at his own pace. Deep and hard, making Kasper's lips tingle and his throat ache just a little. It was a perfect way to end their scene, and he released Logan's lips to touch himself, to pump his cock in time with Logan's thrusts. His head swam as he spiraled higher and higher, moaning and moving on the edge of the bed, ready for that moment when Logan's come would flood his mouth.

He didn't have to wait too terribly long. Logan's hands tugged at his hair, making his scalp burn. He clung to Logan with one hand, his other hand working furiously at his own cock until Logan thrust deep and shouted, coming down his throat. Logan pulled back after a second, allowing him to suck, moan, and swallow, working Logan's cock for every drop while seeing to his own pleasure.

Kasper didn't let go of Logan's cock until his own release slammed into him. He grunted around Logan's cock, his eyes fluttering, and his fist was soon sticky with his own come. It was a perfect end to a perfect Christmas, and as Logan eased him off his cock, he practically purred with satisfaction. Logan gathered him in his arms, kissed him, touched him, and Kasper was in fucking heaven.

"I love you," Kasper whispered as Logan led him to their bedroom, to the huge shower that awaited them. "I love you so much."

Logan chuckled, nuzzling Kasper's graying temple again. "I love you, too. Merry Christmas, Kas."

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