Quiet As Mice

Characters: Sasha, Aneira
Origin: Sacrifices (World of Egaea)
Advent Day: Day 19 (December 15th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1,583


Sasha stared down at the tiny infant in the cradle and smiled. The pregnancy had been hard, the birth harder, but now that Laurel was here and well, Sasha could only think every hardship had been worth it. Rhys had even been an adequate secondary parent, though Sasha didn't trust him alone with her daughter just yet. Maybe, when Laurel was a little older, Rhys would teach her things, but right now, Laurel was hers. Theirs, Sasha thought, her eyes darting to the bed.

On the bed, Aneira was sprawled out, naked and glorious. The later part of the pregnancy, and the healing following Laurel's birth, had put a damper on their usually active sex life. Just seeing Aneira there, thighs spread, her fingers sliding along her damp sex, was enough to make Sasha's body tingle, wetness to spread between her legs. If they did this right, they would have mind-blowing sex while Laurel slept.

If they did it right.

Sasha stalked over to the bed, crawled up between Aneira's legs, and met those dark, rich brown eyes. She nipped at a knee, her mind reaching out to her mate's. Not a sound. If you're loud, you'll wake Laurel, and then... well... there won't be much we can do then, will there?

Aneira chuckled, and then stopped herself with an apologetic look. I'll try. You know I'll try. But they both knew it would be a challenge. Sasha could remember the last time they tried to have silent sex. Their secret tryst at Aneira's parents' home hadn't remained a secret when they'd woken up the whole damn house.

Aneira's fingers traced over her ears, and she had to bite back a hungry growl.

Eager for me? Aneira's mindvoice practically purred in Sasha's mind.

She flashed Aneira a wolfish grin and licked and nipped her way up Aneira's thigh. Always. The muscle of Aneira's thigh tensed under her lips, and Sasha could smell the deep musk of Aneira's sex. It made her mouth water. She'd been aching for this moment, a brief bout of silence and stillness, when they could be together. Thoughts of you have been a distraction. How can I run the pack with a clear head when all I can do is think of this?

Her eyes on Aneira, Sasha then licked up the seam of Aneira's sex, barely biting back a moan as the thick flavor of her mate filled her mouth. If it took her considerable effort not to make a sound, she couldn't imagine what it took Aneira. Aneira's body became stiff, her hands flew to her mouth, and the barest of squeak slipped out. Sasha just wanted to laugh. It was the most adorable damn thing, and so she presses her mouth to that wet flesh, suckling Aneira's clit between her lips and flicking it with the tip of her tongue.

Aneira bucked beneath her, tension rippling through the muscles of her abdomen and legs. She saw Aneira's hands tighten on her mouth, trying so hard to keep back the small sounds that would normally have echoed in their chamber. A thrill of wickedness shivered through her, and she sucked harder, her teeth nipping at the sensitive nub. Aneira's hands instantly darted for the sheets, and the loud bark of a moan escaped her made them both freeze, their gazes snapping to the cradle.

For a few seconds, all Sasha could hear was the pounding of her own heart, but when no sign of stirring came from the cradle, she let out a laughing breath and fwapped Aneira's thigh with a grin. Aneira's cheeks turned red, but her smile was unmistakable, even beneath the hand that had returned to cover her mouth.

Sasha shook her head, giving Aneira the best stern expression she could. If you cannot be quiet, then we can't do this. But, gods, Sasha wanted to do this. It downright ached to not have made love with her mate for weeks!

I'll be quiet. I promise. Aneira reached down with one of her hands and brushed her fingers through Sasha's hair. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this all day.

Then hush. Quiet as mice. Sasha bent to her task once more, drawing Aneira's clit between her lips and suckling, licking, scraping her teeth so very gently, and then slipping two fingers into the wet warmth of Aneira's body.

Aneira tried her best, and Sasha had to give her usually vocal lover credit. Aneira thrashed, bucked, and whimpered, but never did a cry leave her tightly pressed lips. Sasha almost wanted to see how far she could push Aneira, just how quiet Aneria could remain when Sasha did her worst. With that in mind, Sasha curved her fingers inside Aneria, sought out that spot that could drive her mate wild with passion, all while her lips and tongue tormented her swollen nub.

Aneira's eyes became the size of saucers, and her hands flailed a little, staying only for a moment at the sheets, Sasha's hair, or even moving to cover her own mouth. Sasha... Sasha! She could hear Aneira's voice inside her mind, so desperate to find an outlet for that pleasure, and it made a wave of heat unfurl between her legs as she licked and sucked, touched and teased. She knew when Aneira's breaking point approached, and she briefly thought to ease back, to deny Aneira the pleasure. The thought was gone in a flash, however, and she pressed her fingers upward again, delighting when Aneira gasped harshly but managed to choke back all but the softest squeaks of sound.

Sasha rode out the bucking of Aneira's hips, softening the pressure of her suction, and eventually pulling back with a broad lick from where her fingers remained inside up to the top of Aneira's throbbing sex. She trailed kisses up Aneira's trembling body, lingering at Aneira's nipples for a few seconds before moving up to her mouth. "You're amazing," she whispered against those parted lips before claiming them in a deep kiss.

The kiss was anything but chaste. It made Sasha's toes curl and moisture gather between her thighs. All she wanted was to keep kissing Aneira, make her come again, and get off herself... all without waking Laurel. Sasha began to move her fingers in and out of Aneira again, and kissed her way down Aneira's throat, nipping and sucking, a low, soft growl eking its way out of her. It was possessive and needy, and the slick way her fingers moved in and out of Aneira only increased her own need.

She straddled one of Aneira's thighs, rubbing her wet sex against the golden flesh as her teeth bit into Aneira's throat. Her thumb rubbed over Aneira's sensitive clit as her fingers spread and thrust. Sasha's mind was turned to the simple base pleasures of mating, her body singing with desire for the woman who writhed and squeaked beneath her. Aneira's sounds slowly grew louder until Sasha truly worried Laurel would wake, and then she did the only thing she could think to do. As her hand and hips moved faster, she pressed her other wrist to Aneira's parted lips. Bite if you think you'll scream, she offered, and then bit harder at Aneira's shoulders, trying to keep her own silence.

Sasha could tell just how badly Aneira was trying to stay quiet by the trembling of Aneira's lips. The restraint only lasted for a couple seconds, though. Aneira's hands tightened at Sasha's shoulder and hip, pulling her closer, making her thrust faster. It was impossible to resist that encouragement, and Sasha gasped when Aneira's teeth sank into Sasha's wrist. It hurt like hell, but the muffled sound of Aneira's pleasure just made her own body tighten. She growled and ground her hips down against Aneira. With her mate bucking under her, it was only a matter of seconds until pleasure exploded through her. It took biting hard to keep her own cry from shattering the quiet of the room, but when her body finally stopped writhing against Aneira's, she collapsed and relaxed her jaw, panting against the raw, bloody mark she'd left behind.

Aneira panted harshly, her hands weakly moving up and down Sasha's shoulders. That pleasant, hot tingle of a great orgasm lingered in Sasha, and she all but purred. Her wrist hurt like hell, and she was sure Aneira's throat would smart for a couple of days, but, damn, it had been worth it. She snuggled close to Aneira, grinning like a loon, and circled Aneira's nipple idly with her finger. Managed to keep quiet enough for Laurel to sleep.

Barely, Aneira's mind whispered to her own. That mindvoice was thick and sated, and Sasha couldn't help but smug. The general thoughts must have passed between their minds because Aneira rolled her eyes and poked her. I've been insanely aroused. It's about time you noticed.

Sasha pulled Aneira into a deep, loving kiss. Maybe we should start trusting Rhys with Laurel once a week or so. I miss us.

Aneira moaned softly and wrapped her arms around Sasha's neck. I think that's an excellent idea... for us... for Rhys... and for Laurel.

Sasha hummed and pecked little kisses to Aneira's cheeks and lips. Laurel gets some time with her father, and I get you... Loud... Passionate... Unapologetic. Aneira's moaned response called for a playful pinch, and they quickly lost themselves in more kisses. What better way to smother their noises? Sasha couldn't think of one.

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