While Away the Time

Characters: Kyran, Justyn, Jevyn, Jasyn
Origin: World of Egaea (WIP)
Advent Day: 8 (December 4th)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3,953
Warning: Incest


The wind howled outside, whipping the thick snow around and making the shutters shake. Inside, the fire raged, warming the large room, and three pairs of identical eyes watched as Kyran slowly stripped off his robes of office. Oh, he'd known the triplets would be waiting for him. When the blizzard season struck Tira, the three of them were a force to be reckoned with.

"Busy day?" Jasyn asked, all sweet softness. His cheeks were flushed, his body bared to everyone, and his elder brother, Jevyn, was settled between Jasyn's pale thighs. Kyran's eyes honed in on Jevyn's lips as they moved up the tender inside of a thigh, brushed over the scar Kyran's teeth—over the course of years—had left behind. "Or were you utterly bored?"

Justyn chuckled from his spot at the foot of the bed, his cock thick, dark, the tip damp and sticky. "Of course it wasn't busy, and I doubt he was bored. The blizzard struck. He knew what would be waiting—"

"—when he came back here," Jevyn finished, glancing at Kyran. "And those thoughts kept him—"

Jasyn purred, "—so very hard, hungry and aching."

The way the triplets could finish each other's sentences had always been eerie to Kyran, but gods above, it was one of the most erotic, mundane things they did. Their words coupled with the sound of their three heartbeats made his cock twitch as he freed it from the confines of his black trousers. Try as they might, the triplets hadn't wholly succeeded in their efforts of influencing his bleak wardrobe. The dark, emerald green of his shirt had been a compromise, but right now, the color made his hungry, chartreuse eyes even more piercing. "Why do you even bother asking questions, when you fully intend on answering them yourselves?"

"Because it works you up?" Justyn suggested.

Jevyn chuckled from Jasyn's lap. "Because it works all of us up."

Kyran smiled, unable to even feign annoyance. The three of them were simply too charming to resist. Jasyn's moan filled the room, and Kyran's mouth went dry as he watched Jevyn slowly take Jasyn's cock into his mouth. Justyn's eyes glittered, intent on him, not his brothers, but Kyran couldn't look away from the two younger brothers. They were beautiful in their pleasure. None of them could help but worship Jasyn, the youngest, the sweetest, the one who managed to cling to innocence even during the erotic heights of sex.

Kyran barely noticed Justyn slip from the bed, his attention so focused on Jevyn and Jasyn, but then Justyn's hands were around him, touching him. "Jasyn waited all day. When we wanted to torment him, he refused, wanting you to see his joy... be a part of it."

A moan filled Kyran's throat, and if he'd had enough blood in his system, he just knew he would have blushed crimson. As it was, he could barely feel his heart beating in his chest, so rare were the pulses. His hunger, which had been nagging at him all afternoon and evening, now came back with a raging vengeance. "They're beautiful, Justyn. The three of you... make me breathless."

Justyn's fingers teased across his skin, bypassing his nipples to grope his cock and balls without preamble. His groan nearly drowned out Justyn's voice, which puffed into his ear. "I bet we make you a few other things, too. Hot, hard, and hungry. You've waited all day to feed, haven't you? Who will have the pleasure tonight?"

"I... I don't know," Kyran whimpered, his mind scattered as he watched Jevyn pull off Jasyn's cock with an audible pop.

"It's my turn," Jevyn insisted with a heated glance over his shoulder.

Jasyn squirmed, eyes glazed with need. "Jevyn..."

"Shh," Jevyn murmured. "Soon, Jasyn. Kyran needs to warm himself first." His eyes fell to Kyran, lust sparking in his eyes. "Unless you don't want me, Kyran."

Such a cruel question! Kyran untangled himself from Justyn's arms and stalked to the bed. "I always want you."

There was more writhing from Jasyn, and then he began to stroke his own cock. "You have—"

"—from the beginning," Justyn said, crawling onto the bed beside Jasyn. "Even when you thought you shouldn't have—"

"—you did," Jevyn finished, rising up onto his knees, dark eyes on Kyran. "Our bodies. Our blood. Our hearts."

Kyran crawled up onto the large bed and tugged Jevyn's hair, bringing their lips together in a hungry kiss. He devoured Jevyn's moans, loving the way the middle triplet's heartbeat thundered in his ears. He pulled back with a soft cry. "Jevyn..."

"Yes, Kyran," Jevyn panted against his lips.

Within moments, Jevyn's hands were tangled in his hair, pulling him forward to Jevyn's neck, and he instantly gave in, suckling the throbbing skin into his mouth. He could feel a shifting on the bedding, and his eyes opened to slits for a moment to see Justyn claiming Jasyn's mouth in a passionate kiss. It only made his hunger flare even hotter in his gut, the need for fresh blood scratching at his throat as he deepened his mark on Jevyn's throat.

Jevyn's body was pliant in his arms, his cock hard against Kyran. Those hands held him fast to Jevyn's throat, and while Kyran tried to draw it out a little longer, it was impossible. He struck quickly, cleanly, and Jevyn cried out, and then Kyran pushed that mental muscle, pressed the sheer pleasure of feeding from Jevyn into the pained mind. Within a moment, Jevyn whimpered and slumped against Kyran, his hands tangled in Kyran's hair, but Kyran's world narrowed to the thundering heartbeat, the rich taste, and the vision of Justyn kissing Jasyn, stroking Jasyn's cock while Jasyn arched eagerly.

The longer he remained at Jevyn's throat, the stronger his own pulse became. He could feel Jevyn's wonderful connection to the earth moving through him, the taste of his blood spiked with that earthy energy. His cock hardened with the infusion of blood, and by the time he actually pulled back from Jevyn's fragrant throat, they were rubbing against one another, dazed and overwhelmingly aroused. He reached out blindly and was glad when one of the other triplets handed him a bandage smeared with salve to stop the bleeding of his bite. He smiled as he pressed it to the wound, licking at the rivulets of blood that had escaped down Jevyn's chest.

"Gods, Kyran," Jevyn moaned, shivering and pulling him closer.

"Look at him, Jasyn," Justyn purred, drawing Kyran's gaze as much as Jasyn's. "Do you want those bloodstained lips around your cock, sucking you to completion?"

"Yes!" Jasyn gasped, and, gods, he was trembling—actually trembling!—with need. The sight alone made Kyran desperate to suck Jasyn between his lips. "Kyran..."

Kyran gave Jevyn's throat a parting kiss, and then helped the middle triplet onto the bed, into Justyn's waiting arms. It warmed Kyran's heart to see how tender Justyn was, murmuring to Jevyn, kissing him, securing the bandage, and it allowed him to focus utterly on Jasyn. His body thrummed with life. Borrowed life, yes, but it was intense, heat like the sun's rays, and he crawled up onto the mattress, eyes on Jasyn's waiting cock. "Will you spend the moment I suck you in?" he asked, grinning lustily, not bothering to hide the bloody gleam of his fangs.

Jasyn spread his legs wide. "Won't take long," he said, words breathless. "Justyn and Jevyn have me so ready, Kyran... so ready..."

"Taste Jevyn's blood... your seed," Kyran breathed, lips brushing over the slight arc of Jasyn's cock.

"Please," Jasyn begged, fingers reaching down and delving into Kyran's black hair.

It was impossible to deny Jasyn when he pleaded like that, and Kyran didn't even try. He gave in to the tugging of Jasyn's hands and carefully sucked him into his mouth. He made certain to cover his sharp fangs with his lips and used every ounce of skill he had learned from Jevyn in order to bring Jasyn pleasure with his tongue and throat.

No matter how many times he sucked each of the triplets, it always made his cheeks burn, throbbing in time with his racing pulse. The mixing of Jasyn's musk with Jevyn's blood was intoxicating, and he sucked with all he had, loving every cry he was able to coax from Jasyn's lips.

From behind him, over the pounding of his own heart, he could hear Justyn groan. He wanted to turn, to see what Jevyn was doing to bring that sound from Justyn. Then, he heard a wet sound, and his mind easily provided the image: Justyn against the foot of the bed, Jevyn in front of him, swallowing Justyn's cock with that rabid enthusiasm Jevyn had for cocksucking. It spurred Kyran on, made him want to bring Jasyn as much pleasure as Jevyn brought Justyn, and he bobbed quickly, used his tongue lavishly.

"Kyran!" Jasyn's fingers tightened in his hair, and then he felt the tell-tale swelling of Jasyn's sex. He didn't stop, didn't give Jasyn a minute to doubt his intent. With a loud, musical cry, Jasyn came over his tongue, and Kyran moaned, drinking down the musky fluid as eagerly as he had Jevyn's blood.

He milked Jasyn's cock of every drop, and even then, he refused to let up, knowing he could push Jasyn, show a hint of dominance by demanding Jasyn remain hard. The whimpers and desperate moans told him just how well he was doing, and he groaned wetly around Jasyn when he heard Justyn's loud, curt grunts, picturing him thrusting roughly forward, his fluids coating Jevyn's throat.

Kyran finally released Jasyn's cock and sat up, stroking Jasyn's slick sex with one hand while the other pulled their lips together. The kiss was short-lived, however, as a sharp pull to his hair, yanked him away with a cry.

"I want a taste," Justyn all but growled, devouring Kyran's lips with a ferocity that made Kyran's toes curl.

"Gods," Jasyn panted, trying to sit up, but Jevyn slid up beside him and kept him down. "Jevyn!"

Jevyn grinned. "Not done tonight, brother," he purred. "The blizzard is raging, and so are we."

"Going to leave you aching," Justyn promised between those deep, possessive kisses. "You're going to be—"

"—dripping our come," Jevyn promised, glancing at Kyran. "Two in your ass—"

Jasyn's eyes flashed silver at the same time Justyn's and Jevyn's did, and that unique voice—one whole soul speaking through one mouth instead of three—rang out in the room, breathy and hungry. "—and one in your mouth. Which of us do you want to suck, and which two will pierce you? I want to possess your body utterly tonight, Kyran."

That voice... the voice that told him the one soul fractured in three bodies was speaking directly to him as a whole. There was nothing more erotic than that, to know he was so loved, so desired. Kyran shuddered almost violently, his eyes darting hungrily between the three of them, so similar, and yet so very different. "I... I want..." But damn them, it was so difficult to chose between all the wonderful options! His eyes finally settled on Jevyn. "I want to suck you, Jevyn. Justyn... Jasyn... you'll take me, spread me wide."

Jevyn's eyes lit up, the color returning to normal, as the middle twin grinned. "I love feeling you swallow around me."

"Especially because he knows he taught you how that first time," Justyn snorted, and when it earned him a punch in the shoulder from Jevyn, he punched playfully back. "You know I'm right."

"You can also just relax this way," Jasyn said, ever the mindful one of the wounds left by Kyran's bites. "Take it easy for once and just watch."

Jevyn shivered. "I love watching."

"We know you do," Justyn said, easing Jevyn back against the pillows. "How many times did you sit back and stroke yourself as I took Jasyn?"

A moan lilted up from Jevyn as he reached for Justyn. "Too many times," he admitted breathlessly. "You're always so masterful with Jasyn."

"I love when he orders us about," Jasyn said as he sat up, moved closer to Kyran. "It makes our blood boil—"

"—and our cocks hard," Jevyn whispered against Justyn's mouth. "To feel whole while watching—"

"—is a truly wonderful feeling for us," Jasyn finished, nipping Kyran's mouth. "And Kyran likes to watch, too, don't you? But there will be—"

"—no watching tonight," Justyn growled just before taking Jevyn's mouth in a hungry kiss.

Jasyn smiled, tracing his finger over Kyran's lower lip, eyes dark and large as he gazed up at the vampire. "No, not tonight. Tonight," he said, eyes shifting to silver again, a mark of three minds made one, "you're mine."

Kyran shuddered violently, the statement of possession making him melt in Jasyn's arms. "Yours," he echoed. "All yours." He reached over to their nightstand, retrieving the oil without delay. It was rare for Jasyn to take him, but right then, it felt as if he would perish if he didn't give himself over to his youngest lover.

Jasyn flashed him another smile, took the oil and coated his fingers. Their lips met, tongues tangling in a languid, sweet kiss, and when Jasyn's fingers teased against his hole, Kyran moaned. He reached back with his own hands, spreading his ass to give Jasyn better access. The effort earned him a soft, needy sound from Jasyn, and he smiled when their lips parted and their eyes met, Jasyn's their normal color again.

"You really want me inside, don't you?" Jasyn asked.

"Desperately," Kyran purred, licking Jasyn's lower lip. He was about to continue teasing when two fingers glided inside him, pulling another moan from him. His body protested the intrusion at first, a side-effect of his incredible healing ability. No matter how many nights of passion he spent with his beautiful triplets, his body remained as virginal as it had been when he'd landed in Doran's twisted hands. Justyn, Jevyn, and Jasyn didn't seem to care.

And why would they? He was tight. Always so tight, and while there was an edge of pain to every joining, there was also this. Long, thorough foreplay, fingers teasing him open, lips keeping him hard. Every inch of his body caressed, kissed, loved, all while more and more fingers were added to his ass, spreading him wider bit by bit. He cried out, not knowing anymore whose fingers—or how many—filled him, whose mouth took his, and whose lips were wrapped around his cock. It was intoxicating. The triplets were a force he could never have truly hoped to resist.

"Want you," Justyn panted hotly in his ear. "I want to feel your ass squeeze my cock."

Kyran shuddered and moaned helplessly into Jevyn's possessive mouth. "Yes!"

Jasyn finally pulled his mouth from Kyran's cock. "I'm on the bottom," he said with an eager grin.

Kyran looked at the three of them through dazed eyes, and when Jasyn tugged him forward, he followed without an ounce of resistance. It meant leaving those fingers behind, but as he straddled Jasyn and got lost in another bout of kissing, he found he didn't care. Jasyn's hands guided his hips, and he sat back, taking Jasyn's cock inside with a single smooth thrust. His moan was contagious, echoing around him from all three of his lovers.

"Gods, yes. Take him deep," Jevyn encouraged, and Jasyn gripped at his ass, thrusting up into him, getting just a little more depth. It forced a gasp from Kyran's lips, but gods, it felt so good!

"Kyran," Jasyn whimpered, his hips rolling up.

"So good, Jasyn," Kyran breathed, dipping down to kiss him again. "You always feel so good."

Justyn's hands smoothed over his ass then, and Kyran felt his heart speed in his chest. "Will we feel just as good together?" Justyn asked, oily fingers stroking around his hole where Jasyn pierced him. "Will you cry out even louder when I shove inside, love?"

"Yes!" Kyran gasped, his cheeks a bright pink. The press of Justyn's fingers threatened to drive him mad with need, and he shifted back until Justyn gave in and gently pushed them in alongside Jasyn's cock. The stretch was intense, but then Justyn shifted his fingers down inside him and rubbed against the spot that sent a jolt of pleasure through him, and he broke his kiss with Jasyn to cry out.

Jevyn chuckled nearby. "Don't even have to slide your cock inside to make him shout."

"Yes, but I want him to scream with pleasure," Justyn ground out, rubbing relentlessly at that gland.

Kyran was a mass of need, and Jasyn's squirming beneath him wasn't helping. When Jasyn arched up and latched onto his throat, Kyran thought he'd come right then. Between the press of Jasyn inside, Justyn's wicked fingers, and Jasyn's mouth sucking and biting at his sensitive throat, Kyran couldn't tell which way was even up. All he knew was the molten pleasure the triplets inspired in him, edged him into. It was a controlled loss of control, and Kyran loved it.

It took a firm tug at his hair for him to register the question that Justyn asked him a couple times, and even then, the world of organized speech seemed so far away. His tongue fumbled over itself, and Justyn asked again. "Are you ready for me?"

Kyran looked back at the eldest triplet and nodded with a groan. "Yes... ready... please, Justyn..."

Justyn countered the harshness of his hair-pulling with a sweeping touch down the center of Kyran's spine, pushing him down over Jasyn. Though he knew what was coming, it helped that Jasyn reached up and massaged his scalp as they kissed again. He could feel the blunt head of Justyn's cock at his entrance, and when it pushed inside, stretching him to capacity, he couldn't help but scream at the wave of pleasure, pain, and possession that crashed into him.

"Yes," Justyn groaned. "Like that. Scream for me."

Kyran vaguely remembered a time Doran, his master and tormentor for so long, had ordered him to do the very same. But this time, those words are laced with such lust, love, and desire. They were safe. Justyn didn't want his agony, his tears. Justyn only wanted his pleasure, and it was pleasure he felt. Hot and consuming, driving him mad as Justyn pushed deeper, as Jasyn rocked up with his brother to claim him in one, thick thrust.

Jevyn reached over, drew Kyran away from Jasyn's lips. Jasyn immediately moved back to Kyran's throat, sucking and biting, only adding yet another sensation to the windstorm of feeling that raged in Kyran. Jevyn's gentle hands lifted Kyran's face, brushed back damp hair, and caressed Kyran's lips with his fingertips.

"Do you want to suck me now?" Jevyn asked, voice pitched low, tempting. "You've had my blood, do you want my come?"

"Jevyn..." Kyran panted, another choked sound escaping him as Justyn and Jasyn both thrust deep inside him again. "Yes. Gods, yes, please..."

His eyes were wild with need as he reached with lips and tongue, trying so hard to reach Jevyn's cock, which was just out of reach. He craned his neck, but that just gave Jasyn more opportunity to suck and bite at his throat. He moaned desperately, his hand darting up to touch the toned, flushed skin of Jevyn's abdomen.

"Kyran," Jevyn moaned, a hand cupping the back of Kyran's head and guiding him closer. "Just like I taught you."

The words brought to mind those endless hours Jevyn had spent with him one season teaching him how to suck cock. Not just suck it, but to love to suck it. He put all those long lessons to work now, swallowing Jevyn down the moment the triplet brought his cock within reach. The moment Jevyn's shaft filled his mouth and throat, Kyran was swept under a tide of lust. There was nothing but the scent of sex, the sounds of their bodies moving, and those three cocks laying utter claim to his body.

It was decadent, mindless. He was being fucked, taken by the triplets, and he was loving every instant. Never in the past had he felt so whole, so shameless and open. He had fucked around with Cathal, had even reached out to Bleidd in the past, but none of his partners had ever touched his heart and made his spirit thrum with life like these three beautiful Maith who housed the soul that was bound to his.

Their bodies rocked against one another, and Kyran was lost in the push and pull, the intense shift inside and the claiming thrusts into his mouth and throat. There were hands, so many hands all over him—brushing along his spine, teasing his nipples, massaging his scalp—and the drumming of their heartbeats all around him just pushed him higher.

One moment, and then another, sucking, taking, giving, and finally screaming as his body jerked. He would have arched, but the three of them had him caught. All he could do was cry out and tremble as he came, and the cries of his lovers were like distant echoes, lost beneath the pulsing of their heartbeats.

Even amid that spike of pleasure, he heard them. He heard Justyn's throaty, deep cry that signaled his peak. Under that was the soft whimpering of Jasyn, the trembling of that toned, golden body beneath his. His ass was slicked with their come, scenting him, marking him, and then Jevyn came. But Kyran was crying out, shuddering, caught between them, and Jevyn's come spattered over his face, down his throat, and dripped to Jasyn's waiting body.

Hedonistic. It was both base and the most holy of acts he could have engaged in. Kyran gasped, tasting Jevyn's seed on his lips, and his eyes darted around, trying to focus on one of them—any of them, and when he did settle on someone, it was Jasyn's soft, sated gaze he landed on. Jasyn's hands moved up and down Kyran's arms and chest, and he lifted his head, darted his tongue out, and licked at a smear of Jevyn's come with a moan.

That one lick made Kyran shudder even harder, and he whimpered as Jevyn dipped down to claim his lips, lapping up the fluids smeared on his chin before tangling their tongues together. When Justyn's mouth joined in, kissing and nipping along his shoulder blades, the sense of debauchery was complete. A smile broke out over his face, and he panted harshly, nearly sobbed from the intensity of it all. It was joy that made him feel so overwhelmed, though, and those sobs quickly became laughs as he regained control over his hands and could touch all three of them in turn.

"Love when a blizzard hits," Justyn said, his voice slurred and deep.

Jasyn laughed. "Kyran always keeps us thoroughly engaged."

"Mmm," Jevyn purred, licking at Kyran's lips again. "Maybe he can engage us again after we have something to eat."

Kyran shivered, his muscles tightening around Justyn's and Jasyn's softening cocks. "Have to keep your strength up," he said, looking down at Jasyn.

Jasyn grinned. "And yours, because—"

"—we aren't nearly finished—" Jevyn breathed between sweet kisses.

Justyn bit at Kyran's shoulder. "—with you yet."

Kyran groaned, eyes closing as the triplets descended on him, kissing and touching, gentling him as the passion receded. They weren't done. The blizzard battered the main house, piling snow outside, and Kyran knew the four of them would spend the night tangled up in the sheets... and he thought it was the perfect way to while away an icy, windy night.

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